‘Grey's Anatomy’ Doctors Out Of Their Scrubs And In Other Roles

Seeing as how Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy is currently airing on television and the series shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, most fans would not be surprised to learn that the cast of the show – especially some who have been with the show since the beginning – have grown very close. Some would even describe the cast of Grey's Anatomy as a family as they continue to push forward with Season 13.

For some Grey's Anatomy fans who have watched all 13 seasons of the show, it may be hard to picture some of the cast members in anything but scrubs. Some of these actors and actresses, however, have made appearances in other shows. The question is – would you recognize these doctors if you saw them without their scrubs? Take a look!

  1. Ellen Pompeo
Considering Ellen is the star of Grey's Anatomy and has been with the show from Season 1 to Season 13, you might have a hard time picturing Ellen Pompeo in anything but scrubs. She has, however, made appearances in several other shows including:
  • Old School
  • Moonlight Mile
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • The original Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck
According to IMDB, Ellen Pompeo has 22 different credits to her name as an actress.
  1. Justin Chambers
After taking on the incredibly popular role of Alex Karev, it may be hard to see Justin Chambers as anything other than a doctor. You may remember Justin from the following the roles:
  • The Wedding Planner
  • The Musketeer
  • The Zodiac
  • Liberty Heights
  • Lakeview Terrace
  • Rose Hill
  1. Chandra Wilson
How about Chandra? Can you picture her as anything other than Miranda Bailey? You probably can't remember her as anything but Miranda in Grey's Anatomy, but she's been a part of many other popular television shows. Chandra has had roles and guest appearances in several shows and films including:
  • Accidental Friendship
  • Frankie & Alice
  • Strangers With Candy
  • Cosby
  • The Sopranos
  • Sex in the City
  1. Jesse Williams

After taking on the role of the beloved Jackson Avery, it might be hard to picture Jesse Williams as anything else. He, however, does have a few other roles credited to his name:

  • The Cabin in the Woods
  • Lee Daniels' The Butler
Jesse also had the role of a nude actor in The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2.
  1. Sarah Drew
According to POP Sugar, Sarah Drew (who plays April Kepner) has a pretty ironic credit to her name as she appeared on Private Practice as a woman named Judy. The reason this is so ironic is because Private Practice takes place in the same universe as Grey's Anatomy. Many Grey's fans were also Private Practice fans. Other credits to her name include:
  • Everwood
  • A voice actress on Daria
  • A recurring role on Mad Men
The real question is – can you picture Sarah Drew as anyone other than Kepner?

While it isn't true of everyone, Grey's Anatomy is the largest credit on a large portion of the cast of actresses and actors who have appeared on the show during its 13 seasons. You even have actors such as T.R. Knight (George O'Malley) who no one really knew anything about until after Grey's Anatomy. While George was written out of the show after five seasons. Fans of Grey's Anatomy may remember it was the first few moments of the premiere of Season 6 when George died.


Which of these Grey's Anatomy actors or actresses is your favorite?

If you are up to date on Grey's Anatomy, Season 13 is currently airing on television! If you aren't, you can get caught up with the series by streaming the episodes on Netflix. Check out a promo trailer of Season 13 below:

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