WWE News: Goldberg To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame For 'Wrestlemania 33'

Considering the impact Goldberg's return to WWE had on the wrestling world earlier this week, it's amazing that so many people believed in could never happen. Bill Goldberg hadn't appeared on WWE programming for a little over 12 years after being essentially exiled by the WWE fans in a chaotic and disappointing final match at Wrestlemania 20 against Brock Lesnar. It took a long time for the bad taste to wash out.

The amusing this is 12 years later, the WWE Universe clamored for the same match again. WWE has given the fans what they wanted, and Goldberg has returned to WWE television to challenge Brock Lesnar again in 2016. During his return speech on Monday Night Raw a few days ago, Goldberg proclaimed that Lesnar is not only "next," he will be "last." This clearly indicates that his next match will be his swan song.

The great thing about Goldberg's return to WWE is the chance to end his career on a much better note than being booed out of Madison Square Garden. He was never going to win any best wrestler of the year awards, but his quiet intensity and popularity at the height of his run rivaled anyone in "The Attitude Era." He's one of the most important wrestlers in history, and WWE will honor him with more than just one final match.

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On Monday Night Raw, Goldberg accepted the match with Brock Lesnar. The expectation is their match will take place at WWE Survivor Series in a few weeks. There is some speculation about what will happen after that because WWE officials seem to be throwing around ideas for a Wrestlemania match for Goldberg in Orlando next year. However, that's not the only idea that the powers that be are throwing around for him.

According to a new report, Bill Goldberg will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next year in Orlando the night before Wrestlemania 33. Goldberg has become such a hot commodity again in WWE that it seems like a huge mistake not to feature him at Wrestlemania in some way. A retirement match on the grandest stage of them all is still a hypothetical for him, a WWE Hall of Fame induction seems like a no brainer.

The WWE fans are high on Goldberg right now, so he's going to get a free pass for awhile unless something sours his final run, but there are some counter arguments from a lot of people about Bill Goldberg deserving WWE's greatest honor. Although most people would argue for Goldberg becoming a WWE Hall of Famer, there are some valid arguments going against him entering wrestling immortality.

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No one has had a perfect wrestling career. A few have come close, but Goldberg was perfect for 173 matches. His undefeated streak was an epic run that made him one of the most popular WCW Superstars in the company's history. His popularity at that time rivaled the heights of Stone Cold or The Rock's following, which is something no one else accomplished during the infamous "Attitude Era."

However, many people would argue that the way his undefeated streak ended at 1998 WCW Starrcade with a taser gun destroyed his persona, and the rest of his WCW run was a disappointment. A lot of people would also highlight his recklessness in the ring, which includes ending Bret "Hitman" Hart's career. His run in WWE between 2003 and 2004 also draws a lot of criticism from wrestling fans.

Goldberg had some huge highs in wrestling, but he's also had some historic lows. He didn't have the perfect wrestling career, but most times the highs of a career are enough to validate a WWE Hall of Fame career. As the debate about Goldberg deserving a WWE Hall of Fame induction continue, he has a chance to put a final exclamation point on his career, which will cement his legacy in wrestling forever. It's a rare opportunity to have that could result in some spectacular rewards for one of the most popular wrestling stars of all time.

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