Jana Kramer: Country Singer And Abuse Survivor Determined To Combat Domestic Violence, Joins #PutTheNailinIt Campaign

Jana Kramer is determined to combat domestic violence and to show her devotion to the cause, she has joined the #PutTheNailinIt campaign.

Kramer, who is a survivor of domestic violence, reached out to her friends and followers on Instagram to join in on the cause. Jana shared a photo of her showing off her left ring finger, painted purple, and asked Sophia Bush, Carrie Underwood, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Kellie Pickler to take the vow against domestic violence with her.

"1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime and more than 3 million children witness it at home in the U.S," Kramer captioned the photo. "I am a survivor, myself. As a mother, I think of my own daughter—I want my daughter to know that no man should ever put their hands on her. This is why I am joining @safehorizon in painting my left ring fingernail purple to signify my vow against domestic violence. I ask @sophiabush @carrieunderwood@kaitlynbristowe @kelliepickler to vow against domestic violence with me. Anyone can join us. Together, we can #PutTheNailinIt. Donate/help at www.putthenailinit.org."

Although it took her a couple days to respond, Carrie Underwood took Kramer up on the challenge.

"Hey @kramergirl it took me a couple of days to get my nails done, but I'm happy to join in the #PutTheNailInIt movement to help bring awareness to domestic violence," Underwood captioned a photo of her purple fingernail. "Thanks for helping so many women by sharing your story. ❤️️ ya'! Nails by @jent41mua"

Kaitlyn Bristowe also accepted Kramer's challenge to help her combat domestic violence.

"Challenge accepted@kramergirl," Bristowe captioned her photo on Instagram that captured her showing off her purple nail. "Thank you for sharing your story. I painted my nail purple to show my support and bring awareness to domestic abuse. #putanailinit"

Kellie Pickler and Sophia Bush haven't yet responded to Jana's request.The #PutTheNailInIt campaign was started by Safe Horizon, a group whose "mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities."
"The idea is simple: by painting your left ring fingernail purple, you are showing the world your vow to help spread awareness of domestic violence and displaying your support for Safe Horizon, the country's largest organization helping victims of domestic violence get the crucial help they need in their darkest moments."
Jana Kramer recently opened up to Good Morning America about the abuse she endured during her first marriage to Michael Gambino. The country music singer, who is now performing on Dancing with the Stars, opened up about the painful time in her life, and the night her ex-husband almost murdered her.

"I'll never forget sitting in the bushes," she said with tears in her eyes. "I'm like, 'How the heck did I... how in the world did I get here?'"

According to ABC News, Gambino frequently came home messed up on pills or alcohol. On this particular night, Jana had already gone to bed when Gambino came home in his usual state. Kramer was asleep when he picked her up and proceeded to throw her on the ground and threaten to kill her.

"I obviously needed to get out of the house," Jana recalled, adding that she hid in the bushes until she thought he was gone and then returned to her house to get her car keys. However, when she went to get in her car, he was there.

"I'm walking out of the front door and I see him. His car was in the driveway and he had his hand behind his back. And I was like, 'This is it... this is the moment that it's all ended.'"
Kramer said Gambino grabbed her by the throat and started choking her. Realizing the end could be near, Jana started praying. She said she saw her grandfather, mother, funeral, and whole life flash before her eyes before everything went blank. Gambino was convicted of premeditated attempted murder and served five years in prison before he was released on parole.

Since that night, Jana Kramer has suffered from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and has vowed to do everything in her power to stop domestic violence.

"I don't know what the future looks like," she said. "But I do know that at the end of the day, I'll be strong for my daughter."

[Featured Image by Daniel Boczarsk/Getty Images]