WWE Rumors: James Ellsworth To Enter Royal Rumble 2017 Match? Booking Predictions For His Entry

There's plenty of WWE rumors going around with regard to everyone's favorite "jobber" in the ring, James Ellsworth. The latest of these rumors suggest that he is a strong possibility to enter the WWE Royal Rumble in 2017. After what was seen in his recent matches on SmackDown Live and against Braun Strowman on WWE Raw, it seems like this rumor might be a good one to examine closer. Ellsworth's WWE popularity has been growing week by week, so will he get a spot at the pay-per-view?

As Uproxx recently reported, Ellsworth has seen his fanbase keep growing ever since he lost to Braun Strowman on Raw. That was his big debut in the ring, as WWE started to introduce more amateur "no name" opponents to fill match spots against the likes of Strowman, Nia Jax, and others. After Ellsworth lost to Strowman, he started to become the basis of memes all over the internet. However, his popularity only grew larger when Dean Ambrose assisted him with a big victory over WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles on SmackDown Live. That resulted in a championship match a week later, and a real James Ellsworth t-shirt, now available at WWE Shop.

Much to the surprise of the WWE Universe, Ellsworth won his championship match. However, it wasn't a "David Arquette wins the WCW championship" type of headline moment. Ellsworth won by a disqualification of Styles, meaning the champ keeps his belt and Ellsworth gets to brag to his grandkids about defeating the major champion in the SmackDown main event. Ambrose was once again involved in Ellsworth's popularity, which is most likely helping him get over with those fans who weren't too familiar with him.
For those unfamiliar with his background, James Morris is a 31-year-old pro wrestler who has gone by the name Jimmy Deam and his current ring name James Ellsworth. He not only appears with WWE but also with 302 Pro Wrestling and has previously worked with Adrenaline Championship Wrestling. Morris teamed up with Adam Ugly during his career to make up the tag team Pretty Ugly and yes they have won various regional championships. So regardless of him not winning AJ's title, the guy has certainly put in his work on the circuit.

He's also a family man with two daughters and even mentions wrestling is his passion on his official Twitter account. The guy also does regular live Q&A videos on Facebook to interact with his fans and shows his humility by constantly thanking everyone for their help.

The WWE fanbase can be a picky bunch and there are those feeling Ellsworth is undeserving of a spot in matches. Based on popular opinion, it seems those hating on his losses or "tainted" wins will be outdone by the vocal majority. Ellsworth has a good share of fans on his side who enjoy the in-ring performances, including his "No Chin Music" superkick on AJ Styles. Yes, Styles helped sell that move, but it gives Ellsworth his big trademark move in the ring.

WWE rumors James Ellsworth No chin music
WWE connects with a Superkick on the champion AJ Styles on SmackDown Live. [Image by WWE]

Now to the rumors of Ellsworth getting involved in the latest Royal Rumble. It consists of 30 entrants and a few surprises here or there. It makes plenty of sense at this point and he deserves the spot based on his two wins over the champion. Why would that not qualify him for a shot at the WrestleMania main event title match?

Ellsworth has even mentioned on a Hit the Ropes Podcast show that he wants a Rumble spot and so do fans on Twitter.

"A lot of the fans wanna see a rematch between [Braun] Strowman and I. I just wanna give the fans what they want. And the majority of fans on Twitter want me to get an entry to the Royal Rumble, which would be totally fine with me. It would be so cool. So I'm big into giving fans what they want. So I hope I enter into the Rumble."
Fans may recall several years ago that the Rumble in Boston came down to a funny man, Santino Marella, and the crowd was way over for him to pick up the win. Unfortunately, another former superstar, Alberto Del Rio, played up the heel role by tossing Santino out and capturing the win. Ellsworth could certainly factor into this year's finale to really get the fans revved up in San Antonio, Texas. The fact there's been rumors of Shawn Michaels getting involved in some capacity, and James having that "No Chin Music" move associated with him, it all would fit together well.
A good prediction could be that Ellsworth gets in there in one of the early spots and somehow manages to survive all the way to the end, only to get tossed out by a heel. Or he could enter midway and at least connect on "No Chin Music" to eliminate someone accidentally. If he was somehow involved in Strowman's elimination it could really get the crowd going.

Don't be mistaken, though. Ellsworth won't be winning the Royal Rumble in 2017. However, just having him in one of the most popular matches each year is all part of the fun of the 30-man competition. Book it.

WWE fans, do you believe James Ellsworth deserves a spot in the 2017 WWE Royal Rumble? If so, where should his entry spot be in the big match?

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