Kim Kardashian's Birthday Video: Kanye West's Tribute Caused 'KUWTK' Star To Cry, Source Reports

Kim Kardashian's birthday wasn't quite the same this year. In the past, the 36-year-old mother of two has celebrated her trip around the sun with lavish gifts, huge parties, and plenty of documentation.

In the wake of her Paris robbery, Kim Kardashian wasn't up for the huge birthday party this year, but that didn't stop Kim's husband, Kanye West, from giving his wife the perfect gift.

Instead of an over-the-top present, 'Ye put together a video made up of Kardashian home videos, many of which were filmed by Kim's late father, Robert Kardashian. For Kim, who is still reeling from the trauma of the robbery, the five-minute video put together by Kanye was the perfect balance of sentimental and sweet. At least, that's what an unnamed source for Hollywood Life is reporting.

"Kim was totally surprised by Kanye's sweet, sweet video, She doesn't even know how he found all of that old footage. When he showed it to her, she completely broke down in tears, she was so touched."
Portions of Kanye's birthday video to Kim Kardashian were posted on social media:According to the Hollywood Life source, the footage of her father put together by Kanye was extremely helpful for Kim.
"Seeing her father and hearing his voice again was just too much. It was amazing. Remembering him and their family was just what she needed after feeling so shaken up by the robbery."
Kardashian turned 36 on Friday, but the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star didn't celebrate her birthday publicly. In fact, Kardashian hasn't been seen in public much at all since the Paris robbery threatened her life.

On Oct. 3, Kardashian was reportedly sleeping in only a robe in her Paris apartment when two masked men broke into her room, gagged and bound her, and locked her in a bathroom. The robbers left Kardashian physically unharmed, but made away with more than $10 million in jewelry. Lost in the heist was Kim's $4.5 million ring from Kanye.

The robbery seems to have changed Kardashian's perspective on life, at least for the time being. The KUWTK star hasn't posted to social media since the traumatic event occurred, and she's reportedly unwilling to film scenes for KUWTK at this point. Additionally, she's canceled many of her appearances.In the weeks since the heist, Kim's sisters Kourtney and Khloe have both spoken out about Kim's recovery from the ordeal, saying that she's "not doing that well."

Perhaps Kanye knew that a video of her father could help to provide some comfort for Kim as she recovers from her terrible ordeal. If sources for Hollywood Life are to be believed, Kanye's plan may have worked — at least for a bit.

What do you think about the video that Kany West made for Kim Kardashian's birthday? Do you think the five-minute montage was a sweet gesture for his wife? Why or why not?

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