'Hailey Dean Mystery Murder With Love': Nancy Grace's Hallmark Movie With Kellie Martin Based On Novel And A True Story?

Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder With Love is a fantastic new murder mystery starring Nancy Grace and Kellie Martin. Based on characters created by Nancy Grace for her crime mystery novels, it will air on the Hallmark Movies And Mysteries Channel. The enjoyable new whodunit, also known as Hailey Dean: Murder With Love, is directed by Terry Ingram and written by Jonathan Greene. In addition to Kellie Martin and Nancy Grace, it stars Giacomo Baesato (Danny Morgan), Cindy Busby (Amanda Stone), Viv Leacock (Fincher Garland), Jesse Moss (Aaron Stone), Lucia Walters (Monty Montgomery), Michael Kopsa (Dewey Stone), and Matthew MacCaull (Jonas McClellan), according to The Telegraph.


Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder With Love Movie Synopsis

Hailey Dean fought criminals in court everyday for years during her time in the prosecutors office. Now, she's done with fighting crime and begins working as a professional therapist. However, she is pulled back into the life of solving crimes after she hears on the news that one of her therapy patients, Amanda Stone, has found her mother, Laura Stone, dead in her home.

Now, Hailey feels compelled to go to Amanda Stone's home to console her. When she arrives, she is met by a tearful Amanda who states she found her mother unresponsive in the bathtub and attempted to save her life by giving her CPR. She then tells Hailey that the CPR didn't work since her mother's lungs were already filled with water.

At first, police believe that it is an accidental drowning caused by an overdose of sleep medication. The determination is made after a bottle of pills is found in the bathroom. But, when Amanda Stone's father dies tragically just four days later in a strange turn of events, detectives immediately shine the spotlight on Amanda Stone and her brother, believing now, that the real manner of death for Laura Stone was a homicide.

The investigation reveals that Amanda and her brother stand to make a lot of money in the event of their parents' deaths, something that is unbelievable to Hailey since she has known Amanda for quite some time.

Amanda is a bit troubled, but she is no killer, in Hailey's estimations. Will Hailey Dean find out that her patient is really a diabolical killer?

Is Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder With Love Based on a True Story?

According to Nancy Grace, the answer is no. It is not exactly based on a true story, but the character Hailey Dean, is semi-biographical, according to Kellie Martin, who plays Hailey Dean in the movie. The Hailey Dean character is similar to Nancy Grace in many ways. In fact, Nancy Grace drew upon her experiences working in the District Attorney's office as a way to shape the character.

Kellie Martin found that studying up on Nancy Grace's real life would help her play the role of Hailey Dean to perfection. Nancy Grace came up with the idea for the Hailey Dean mysteries after leaving the prosecutor's office in Atlanta and moving to New York to accept a job with Court TV. The lonely days spent inside of her New York home and her longing for courtroom drama inspired her to begin writing.

Be sure to look out for Nancy Grace's brief appearance in the television film, Grace tells the New York Post.

"I had to dig deep for that one. We did 11 takes of my scene, because every time I'd rush into the room, the microphone they wrapped around my right thigh started slipping down. They finally hooked it to my underwear."
Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is the perfect place for Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder With Love, stated Nancy Grace. Hallmark viewers will think it's a really good whodunit with a lot of twists and turns and a shocking surprise ending.


Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder With Love is executive produced by Nancy Grace, Howard Braunstein, Kellie Martin, and Josh Sabarra. It is produced by Hailey Dean Films Inc. Productions. Filming took place in Canada.

Watch Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder With Love this Sunday, October 23, at 9/8 p.m. Central on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries (HMC).

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