Samsung Galaxy S III Alpha Arrives In Japan, Packs New Features

The Samsung Galaxy S III is the best selling smartphone in the company’s history, and it just got better. The new Samsung Galaxy S III Alpha arrived on display in Japan this week, and, while it looks like the original device, it features Galaxy Note II type specs including one of Note’s device colors.

The biggest upgrade perhaps is the Galaxy Note II’s 1.6GHz 4412 Exynos chip, which is now featured on the Galaxy III Alpha, alongside 2GB of RAM.

Putting the Alpha device in perspective, the original Galaxy S III sports a 1.4GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. The new handset also features Google Android Jelly Bean out of the box, while many Galaxy S III users are still waiting for the new mobile OS from Google to show up on their 6 month old devices.

The US version of the Galaxy S III Alpha will also come with dual-core processor support, LTE connectivity, and the Multi-view feature found on the Galaxy Note II which allows for “same-screen” application multitasking.

Buyers in Japan will be able to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S III Alpha in Japan this December, while the US release date is note yet known. Smartphone users looking for an upgrade will also have the option to choose between Titanium Grey and Sapphire Black.

Will you be waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S III Alpha to be released before you make your next smartphone purchase? This newest device arrives just after the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini.