Kate Gosselin Won’t Let Her Kids Use Google, Afraid They’ll Find Out ‘Ugly Stuff’ Written About Family

Kate Gosselin has her share of tabloid dirt reported about her life, but the protective mom is now doing all she can to keep the “ugly stuff” away from her kids.

The former reality television star told Access Hollywood that as time has passed since her divorce, she has grown up and now tries hard to keep any negativity away from her children.

“Going through such a public divorce, and feeling like you have to fight for your kids every day and the things that protect them and the things that are important for them has really, really, really made me realize what is important — and it’s them,” Kate Gosselin said.

That protectiveness means keeping the kids away from the internet, where they might be able to find out some of the nasty things that have been printed about Kate Gosselin and her ex Jon.

“If they have school projects, I log them into the laptop and I log them out and they’re very respectful because they know that stuff is out there,” she said. “I remember one time Jon, early on, left a tabloid, a magazine laying around and [daughter] Maddie found it and it devastated her. So, they know that there’s ugly stuff out there and I know that someday they’ll Google and read it, but I also know how close we are and how they’ll be ready for the answers and the truth and the whole, real story someday.

“I’m not afraid of it because I know that I’ve made only good choices and I’ll help them deal with it,” she added.

Kate Gosselin might have to try extra hard now to keep these issues from her children. As Radar Online reported, a friend of Jon Gosselin is writing a tell-all book that accuses Kate of being abusive to the kids and family pets.