'Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood' Rumors: Which Notorious Cast Member Is Returning?

With all of the drama currently going on in Tinseltown, the latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors suggest that VH1 executives are going to up the ante and bring back yet another drama queen to the fold. But who could it possibly be?

According to BET's latest round of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors, they were the first to see the newest clip of the show, and they discovered that Hazel-E is making a comeback to the show that made her famous (or infamous). Hazel is returning to the show to promote her latest single featuring Fetty Wap, who is the baby daddy of Hazel's old nemesis and Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood co-star Masika Kalysha.

Hazel wasted no time sending some shade Masika's way, either.

"Just 'cause he's been there does not mean he's the one. She has joined the elite club of Fetty Wap's concubines and all the women that carried his children. That's right, it's your girl Hazel-E, baby. And I'm back in this b***h!"
Hazel also spent some time with her favorite frenemy, Teairra Mari, in the episode, which will premiere on VH1 this Monday.

Hazel E Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Rumors
Hazel E, who is the subject of the latest "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" rumors, will be returning to the show this Monday. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, according to the latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors released on the VH1 blog, fans are actually quite happy to see Hazel return. While there are some fans who are insisting that Hazel is "ratchet" -- and they do have a point there; she's not exactly a shrinking violet -- there are many other fans who feel that Hazel got a bad rap for no reason, and her return to Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood is a welcome one.

A fan by the name of Belle Amor highlighted why Hazel's bad rap is mostly undeserved. She claimed that while Hazel was certainly rough around the edges, Masika wasn't exactly innocent in the whole exchange.

"Fast forward to a short while ago, Hazel made a record with Fetty Wap and Masika crawls out from wherever she was to get on her case again. If questioning the paternity of Masika's child is the worst Hazel can do, then she's quite kind because Masika has been nothing but a total a****** to her."
Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Rumors Hazel E
Hazel-E will bring the drama, according to the latest "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" rumors. [Image by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for 1OAK LA]

Finally, in other Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors, Starcasm is reporting that Moniece Slaughter is taking the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach when it comes to the release of her sex tape made with her baby daddy, Lil'Fizz. As a result, the duo met to discuss the strategy they were going to take surrounding the sex tape's release. They agreed that they had to control the circumstances under which the sex tape would be released, especially for the sake of their daughter.

The former couple also agreed that it was necessary to confront Jason Lee, who is currently the one threatening to release the tape in an effort to "get back at" Moniece. Both Lil'Fizz and Moniece begged Jason not to release the tape, and Moniece threatened to take Jason to court if he insisted on releasing the tape.

Jason, however, had the following to say in response.

"I'm not worried about you and your petty behavior. Legal court or one of public opinion has never scared me. If you're concerned about your a*** wig being shown to the world don't worry about it. If I was gonna drop it I would. As far as monetizing off your sex tape I'd rather sell the story of how you got pregnant f***ing Shaquille O'Neil while he was a married man. You are a worthless piece of genetic garbage and if you don't want the world seeing your p***y online, stop giving it so freely."
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