Aaron Rodgers: The Famed Big Lebowski Sweater And Where To Buy

Aaron Rodgers may be known for his talent on the football field, but he clearly knows how to make a fashion statement as well. After a big a 26-10 victory over the Chicago Bears on Thursday night, the Green Bay Packers quarterback showed up at a postgame press conference wearing a very distinctive sweater.

It happened to be a sweater that was identical to the one made famous by Jeff Bridges' character, Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski, in the 1998 film The Big Lebowski. The movie, a cult classic from the Coen brothers, is quite arguably one of Bridges' most famous performances. It didn't take long for the sweater to be noticed and recognized either.

According to Jason Wilde of ESPN, Rodgers is a well-known fan of the movie and has previously been seen wearing "Lebowski T-shirts" in places such as the Packers locker room. Focusing instead on his incredible performance on the field, Rodgers did not address the arguably-iconic sweater during the press conference on Thursday.

However, Rogers was later asked about the unique piece of apparel via text message, per ESPN. The 12-year NFL veteran simply responded by saying, "The Dude abides," one of the many memorable quotes from the movie.

If Rogers was waiting for a celebratory occasion to break out The Big Lebowski sweater, he picked a great time. During Thursday night's victory, Rodgers threw 56 passes and completed 39 of them, setting a new record in Packers franchise history. Unsurprisingly, the previous record of 36 was set by none other than his predecessor, Brett Favre, back in 1993. Rogers took over as starting quarterback in 2008. Favre announced his retirement that year but later decided to return and play for the New York Jets and then the Minnesota Vikings.

It is hardly uncommon for one to want to emulate their sports heroes and idols, and now that a star of Rogers' caliber has worn it, the popularity The Big Lebowski sweater may very well increase. It could attract a fairly wide range of customers as well. From a long-haired bowler like the character that Bridges portrayed in the movie to a polished pro athlete like Rodgers, the sweater can look good on most anyone.

Beyond the fact that it has been featured in a popular comedy movie and also worn by a star NFL player, the sweater may have additional appeal. As GQ points out, it may just be a neat thing to add to your wardrobe, regardless of who else has worn it.
"...Because movie references aside, it's just a really cool sweater. Sure, it does that thing sweaters do and keeps you warm. But it also makes you look like you could cut down a forest with your bare hands. And if you're worried about feeling like you're in a costume every time you wear it, don't be."
GQ also points out that the lambswool sweater, officially called "The Original Westerley," can be found over at pendleton-usa.com. The tan/brown sweater is available in five different sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, and XXL. It has a price tag of $239. The company offers a brief history of the product as well.

"This style debuted in 1972, but when The Dude wore an original in the film 'The Big Lebowski,' fans clamored for a comeback. Now it's back by popular demand, down to every last color and detail," the product description reads.

Based on 61 reviews, it currently has a rating of 4.8 stars out of five on the company's website. If you want to dress like Rodgers or The Dude, the opportunity is there. With winter and the holiday season right around the corner, don't be surprised if the football or movie enthusiast in your family has their eyes set on the The Big Lebowski sweater either.

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