Prince Harry Reportedly Risking His Life In Afghanistan

Prince Harry is reportedly operating like a “World War Two Spitfire pilot,” helping to save the lives of wounded British soldiers in Afghanistan, and going on missions that are risking his life.

The prince has had “multiple engagements” with the Taliban since beginning his tour last month, including providing fire cover during scores of emergency rescue missions, reports The Sun.

The 28-year-old royal has provided “top cover” to British helicopters during their rescue missions and during one mission was even responsible for protecting the welfare of an aircraft while it rescued a seriously wounded British soldier. A military source stated:

“Think World War Two Spitfire pilot and The Battle of Britain. He can be sat in a deckchair for hours then scrambled immediately. When in the air his role is diverse. This is no game and Harry is on the frontline of a terrifying war.”

The role that Prince Harry plays as an Apache helicopter pilot is one of the most stressful jobs in the modern war theatre, but the British royal is apparently “taking everything in stride.”

Harry, who is third in line to the British throne, has already served a tour in Afghanistan in 2008, although it was cut short when concerns were raised over the safety of him and his fellow soldiers, according to ABC News.

The news that Prince Harry is directly engaging with Taliban fighters comes just a few weeks after the base he is stationed at, Camp Bastion, came under attack by insurgents. Two US Marines were killed, while nine others were wounded in the attack.

When the news came that the British prince would be sent on another tour in Afghanistan, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid stated that the group will do everything that they can to kill him.