'Empire' Season 3, Episode 5: 'One Before Another' Air Date And Things To Expect

Empire Season 3, Episode 5 didn't air on Wednesday this week and the hit series, which airs on Fox, will not return until November 2. It is not available to watch online until it airs on Fox next month.

So why the delayed air date? Fox and other major networks aired the third and final presidential debate this week on Wednesday. The World Series is scheduled to run the following week from October 25 through November 2, if the series goes all seven games. It is possible that an MLB team eases through and ends the series in five games or so. However, Game 7 will be played on Wednesday, which means no Empire.

Empire Season 3, Episode 5 scheduled air date is November 2. In the last episode, Luscious seems to be threatened by Angelo Dubois, who is a councilman from a wealthy family. Despite the differences in their social-economic background, Cookie and Angelo get close and he reminds her of her childhood boyfriend that was a good guy and the opposite of rapper Luscious Lyon.
It is revealed in Empire Episode 4 that Luscious beat up Cookie's childhood sweetheart when he threatens Angelo. Despite their disaster of a date, Angela and Cookie are getting closer.

Mariah Carey plays Kitty who helps Jamal recover from his anxiety-related issues stemming from the shooting. Jamal also tries to help Freda Gatz get out of prison and with Angelo's help, she is released on the account that she was temporarily insane during the shooting.

Later Luscious reveals to Jamal that he was involved in Freda's jailhouse attack and she was in on it. Luscious also brags that he is off the hook for her father's death since she admitted in front of a judge that she was mentally unstable and will easily be dismissed in case she decides to be a witness against Luscious in the future.

Andre Lyon uses his business skills to get Nessa to sign to Empire, which leads to a fight with Shyne, who is accused of using her to make money.

Lucious forces Shyne to sign the deal at gunpoint and all hell breaks loose on Empire Season 3, Episode 5 when Shyne plots his revenge.

Andre also gets frisky with Nessa. At the beginning he is hesitant. However, a vision of his deceased wife Rhonda encourages him to go ahead, which leads Andre and Nessa to continue their tryst.

The synopsis for Empire Season 3, Episode 5 reads as follows.

"Lucious and Andre are on high alert as they wait for Shine to retaliate; Jamal teams up with Hakeem for a performance that he thinks could help him face his fears; Cookie is caught off guard during a routine meeting with her probation officer."

The promo shows the FBI as well as Shyne's goons clamping down on the Lyon family. Cookie continues to see Angelo despite Luscious threats and advances.
The promo ends with Shyne pointing a gun at Andre Lyon. Will he shoot? Is Nessa in the apartment with Andre?

You will have to tune in on November 2 to find out.

Luscious doesn't think his sons are tough enough. In the recent episode, the Lyon head honcho claims his kids are spoiled and wants to teach them a lesson.

What will happen to Freda Gatz now that she has been released from prison?

Will Jamal be able to perform on Empire? Kitty has helped him but will it be enough?

Andre Lyon has moved on to a new relationship, but he is still unstable without Ronda. There is a lot to look forward to in Empire Season 3, Episode 5.

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