‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ Spoilers: Week 4 America’s Care Package Is Delivered, Safety Servant Ordered To Serve HOH, Justin Creates Pizza Song And Dance [Video]

On Friday, Big Brother: Over the Top houseguests anxiously awaited the delivery of America's Care Package, but many were displeased when they realized which cast mate viewers voted to help out with the Week 4 advantage.

Once delivered, the Safety Servant care package required the recipient to be at the beck and call of the Head of Household (HOH) and comply with any orders given by Big Brother. This would ensure the winner of the advantage could not be an eviction nominee and would be safe for the week.

On October 21 at around 1 p.m. Big Brother: Over the Top house time, the cast members were called out to the backyard to receive a special delivery courtesy of viewers. America's Care Package quickly dropped to the ground in a small box attached to a tiny parachute, nearly hitting Morgan Willett in the process. The houseguests scrambled to see who the gift was for and learned Alex Willett was given the advantage.
As Alex read the card contained in the box that ensured her safety for the week. Current HOH Kryssie Ridolfi was not pleased as she had previously discussed with her alliance, the Late Night Jamboree (LNJ), that Alex was her number one target for eviction.
After the houseguests dispersed, Alex, Shelby Stockton, and Whitney Hogg could be seen on live feeds celebrating in the bathroom area because one of their alliance was safe. Whitney noted that when the members of the LNJ heard the care package was for Alex, their faces dropped in disappointment.
Alex told the women that Justin whispered to her that the care package saved her because the LNJ had been talking about putting her on the block or backdooring her this week.
It should be no surprise to Big Brother: Over the Top fans that Alex was given this care package, as a number of different websites that report on Big Brother, including Big Brother Network, had polls indicating Alex was a sure winner for the advantage.
As the Safety Servant, Alex was given a little maid's outfit to wear and her first task ordered by Big Brother was to pay Kryssie a compliment. Alex complied and said to Kryssie, "You are beautiful," according to Joker's Updates.
Next, Alex was ordered to bring Kryssie fruit, which Kryssie found ludicrous, saying, "I have two things of fruit!" Joker's Updates reports.
Not long after, Big Brother insisted Kryssie looked "parched," so Alex was ordered to bring her a glass of ice water with a lemon in it, but she had trouble finding lemons. According to Joker's Updates, Alex told the others after delivering the water that Kryssie was "not smiling" and seemed very "annoyed." The orders continued from there and will keep getting hurled at Alex the entire week.
Justin, who has entertained his fellow houseguests with fantastic stories, songs, and impromptu dances, can now be seen in a video featuring pizza. The video was posted on CBS' BBOTT Twitter page and demonstrates how Justin can make even a boring task like cooking a frozen pizza in the oven fun.
Big Brother: Over the Top streams 24 hours a day, seven days a week on CBS All Access, with CBS promising no blackouts, even during competitions. Monday through Friday at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, the show streams a Weekday Replay of house events, however, the show's regular schedule is as follows (it should be noted all times shown are Eastern).


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