Angela Simmons, Husband-To-Be Sutton Tennyson Introduce Baby Boy

Angela Simmons is a new mother, and she has shared photos of her baby boy Sutton Joseph with future husband Sutton Tennyson.

The Growing Up Hip Hop star had her baby about a month earlier than expected. Angela Simmons got engaged to businessman Sutton Tennyson earlier this year, and it is unclear as to whether he is still her fiancé or husband.

Recent reports suggest that Angela Simmons and Sutton Tennyson are not yet married. Simmons' new baby is taking priority, and the couple are yet to plan their wedding.

In Growing Up Hip Hop, Angela Simmons' friend Romeo Miller revealed that he found out about her engagement on social media and was not aware that she was dating Sutton Tennyson.

Rev Run's daughter kept the relationship private, and it is unknown how long Simmons has been dating her baby daddy Sutton Tennyson.

Angela Simmons has been linked to Bow Wow, Brandon Jennings and Cam Newton in the past.

In an interview with People Magazine, Angela Simmons talked about building a nursery for her baby and how much her new child loves to eat.

"He is a hungry boy," she says. "He's up every few hours wanting to eat. It doesn't leave a lot of time to close my eyes. But it's all worth it."

Simmons also talked about her future husband Sutton Tennyson helping her with their new baby and his fatherly duties.

"He's been so helpful, doing middle-of-the-night diaper changes and everything," she says.

Angela Simmons reveals to the publication that she has always wanted to be a mother. Rev Run's daughter also talks about some of her baby Sutton Joseph's habits.

"He hates being dirty but never wants to be naked," says Simmons. "We try and get the new diaper on him as quickly as possible to calm him down."

Some fans of Run's House recall Angela Simmons mentioned that she was a virgin and intended on remaining so until marriage. While most fans congratulated the reality star on her engagement and baby, some commented on the fact that she got pregnant before marriage.

Furthermore, in a Breakfast Club interview earlier this year, radio host Charlamagne Tha God asked the Growing Up Hip Hop star if she ever worried about a man trying to get her pregnant to keep her and she responded with the following.

"Do you worry about guys be trying to trap you?" Charlamagne asked

Simmons responded, "Who's going to trap me?"

Angela continued, "No, I'm not having sex until I am getting married. So, they are not going to get me pregnant....and no I'm pretty smart and no one's trapping me."

Some fans suspect that the pregnancy was not planned since she insists that she was going to wait until marriage. However, others defend the reality star, stating that having a child with a husband-to-be was not so different.

Angela Simmons is yet to marry Sutton Tennyson. However, the couple plan on getting married soon, but they are current focused on their baby boy.

According to The Roots, Angela Simmons shared her reasons why she believes that sex should be left out of a relationship until marriage.

"Everybody doesn't have to wait, but this is what I have to do in order to get a relationship where it's all good. I just think that when the sex factor is taken out of the relationship, you really get to know a person."

Simmons future husband Sutton Tennyson is not a celebrity. It is unclear whether Simmons' family will be featured in her reality TV show. Her husband took part in the People magazine photoshoot.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs on Thursdays on WETV.

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