Watch 'Hamilton's America' Online: See Full Streaming Video Replay Of The Documentary, Including New Footage From 'Hamilton'

Musical fans who want to watch Hamilton's America but missed out on Friday's broadcast will be in luck, with a full replay of the documentary on Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit play Hamilton available for streaming online.

The documentary aired Friday night on PBS, giving an in-depth look into how the play was developed and how it mirrored the real story of Alexander Hamilton and his role in the early days of the new nation known as the United States of America.

Hamilton's America is a mix of American history lessons and a look into what it takes to craft a hit Broadway play --- or in this case, the biggest hit in decades.

But the biggest selling point of the roughly 82-minute documentary is in the footage of the show itself. As Vox noted, actual footage of Hamilton is exceedingly rare, with just a few clips available online for anyone looking to see the stage show. Hamilton's America offers viewers a glimpse into the original stage show with footage that has never before, the report added.

"PBS filmed a performance of Hamilton before members of the original cast, Miranda included, started departing the show — and the only place you can see any of that footage for right now is in Hamilton's America. The rest of it is going into a vault, presumably until the show's producers decide that releasing it won't mean cutting into the show's sky-high ticket sales."
That new footage is a boon for the many Hamilton fans unable to get tickets to the show before the majority of its original players have departed. Lin-Manuel Miranda himself has moved on from his role as Hamilton, making the new clips of the play shown in Friday's documentary that much more valuable.

The full Hamilton's America documentary can be seen below.

A major part of Hamilton's America comes in combining the modern actors portraying the Founding Fathers with the history itself. The cast members are seen visiting a number of locations that were key to the American Revolution and the years that followed. They pay a visit to Valley Forge and Aaron Burr's bedroom, where Lin-Manuel Miranda sits among the antique furniture, toiling away on his laptop while working on Burr's verse in "My Shot."

A particularly moving scene comes when Christopher Jackson, who plays George Washington in Hamilton, paid a visit to Mount Vernon and looked into the first president's slave quarters.

The documentary is largely a look into the creative process for Lin-Manuel Miranda, how he first came across the story of Alexander Hamilton through Ron Chernow's biography and decided to turn it into hip-hop theater.

Miranda also describes how Hamilton and his own home in New York City are so interwoven in American history.

"This is a New York story," Miranda said (via Vox). "These blocks I pass are rich in American history! [Hamilton and his family and contemporaries] were Uptown, not in Philadelphia!"

Those who watch Hamilton's America online will also see plenty of modern politicians speaking about the contributions of the nation's first treasury secretary. For a play that doesn't take a strong stance on any of the politics of the day, Hamilton's America does a good job sticking to that script, the Chicago Sun-Times noted.

There are members of both sides of the aisle praising Hamilton.

"Hamilton proved the condition of your birth shouldn't determine the outcome of your life," House Speaker Paul Ryan said. "[Hamilton] came from nothing and rose to the highest levels of serving this country."

Those who want to watch Hamilton's America online can also find the full video by clicking here.

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