Rob McKenna, Candidate For Governor, Dances ‘Gangnam Style’ [Video]

Cringeworthy and/or gutsy — you make the call.

Or as the Seattle PI wonders, “Either gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna really wants to win this election or the ‘Gangnam Style‘ dance has officially jumped the shark.”

McKenna, Washington state’s GOP attorney general, is running for governor. As part of his campaign, McKenna participated in the Korean Day Celebration last Saturday in Seattle hosted by the Seattle Washington State Korean Association. As part of the festivities, he was even willing to get up on stage to dance “Gangnam Style,” Korean rapper Psy’s huge international Youtube hit.

In the video below, McKenna is obviously the dude wearing the suit and tie. McKenna’s wife, Marilyn, who seems to be a pretty good dancer unlike her husband, also joined in.

McKenna’s Democrat opponent, Congressman Jay Inslee, apparently didn’t even show up at the Korean Day Celebration.

The Seattle Times observes that “Much is asked of politicians running for high office. One must kiss babies, sample the local fried foods, maybe visit a thousand retirement homes. And in 2012, you might be required to dance, ‘Gangnam Style.’ “

McKenna probably needs all the help he can get in the upcoming election for governor of Washington. The state of Washington, particularly in King County, has a history of ballot-counting shenanigans that have prevented Republicans from making it to the governor’s mansion in past elections. McKenna has been Washington’s attorney general since 2005.

Watch Rob McKenna dance (or try to) “Gangnam Style”:

Do you think that “Gangnam Style” has jumped the shark? That aside, what do you think of AG McKenna’s moves?