Who Made 'This Is Us' Star Chrissy Metz Cry? Plus, She Talks About Dating And How It Feels To Inspire Overweight Women

Both This is Us and actress Chrissy Metz are gaining more and more support as the premiere season of the hit new drama carries on. Metz portrays Kate Pearson on the show and Chrissy plays the part perfectly. Just like her character, Chrissy turned 36 in September and it is looking like this may be an extraordinary year for her and for Kate. Metz isn't a stranger to acting, but now with such a successful show, she is soaring to stardom and is changing lives everywhere.

People caught up with Metz recently to find out how she feels about inspiring women everywhere who are struggling with weight loss and being overweight. Chrissy says being an inspiration is an incredible feeling. Metz says, "To inspire someone is incredible. That's why we do art – to inspire, to relate. It's not just about me following my dreams, but just about relating to everyone. That's what we're here to do – relate and commune and love one another, so it's awesome." Chrissy shared a story about a woman who reached out to her and said she had no confidence until she saw Metz on television. The woman woke up and finally felt good about herself. It gave her hope.

Metz can relate in many ways to her character Kate. They are both overweight, but Chrissy isn't trying to lose the weight like Kate. Chrissy also shared with the Today Show style editor that she is much more confident in real life than Kate. She did say that Kate is trying to get there. When asked how she got her self-confidence, Chrissy shared it is from internal work. Metz says people can't compare themselves to everyone else. She also says self-confidence begins with self love. Chrissy also complimented the costume department of This is Us. Metz said people should wear what they want and be comfortable doing it. She says be brave and be bold, don't be afraid to wear what makes you feel sexy and what you like.

Weight concerns are not the only way Chrissy and Kate are similar. It seems both of these ladies have new men in their lives. Access Hollywood shared an interview with Metz in which she reveals she has a new beau in her life. While Chrissy would not give away his name, she did admit he is associated with the entertainment industry. Chrissy also added that he is not an actor and hinted he is not connected to This is Us. Chrissy says she met him after the show kicked off and shared she is very happy. Metz previously told People, "Kate and I are both on the precipice of incredible times in our lives. Coming into our own and achieving personal success and happiness simultaneously is pretty amazing." Fans will have to keep an eye on Chrissy to see if she reveals her mystery man's identity in the future.
The journey to success before landing her role on This is Us has not always been easy for Metz. Chrissy revealed to People that an Oscar-winning director made her cry. Who was it? None other than James Cameron. In 2005 Chrissy had a small role on Entourage and she admits she was paralyzed with fear. Metz says she called her manager crying saying she couldn't get her line right and couldn't act. Metz pulled herself together and got it done. Chrissy admits, "He was lovely, but it was like, He's James Cameron. … [I was] just questioning everything."Chrissy continues to amaze fans, and now after Episode 3 of This is Us, the world knows that Metz can sing. She even belted out the Golden Girls theme on her recent Today Show interview. When asked what she sings in the shower, Chrissy says it's always a medley with a huge range of options. Just like Kate, Chrissy has always loved singing, but never thought she could do it professionally. She said she started singing in high school in the choir. To learn even more about Chrissy, check out this previous article from the Inquisitr.

Don't miss Chrissy as her journey as Kate continues on This is Us. Metz even admits she cries watching the episodes on television just like all her fans. New episodes can be seen Tuesday nights on NBC.

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