Georgia Postal Worker Caught On Tape Allegedly Dumping Mail In Woods [Video]

The U.S. Postal Service has commenced an investigation after a resident filmed one of its workers on Tuesday allegedly tossing mail into a ditch in a wooded area behind a Georgia subdivision.

The incident, which perhaps gives a new meaning to lost in the mail, occurred in the suburban-Atlanta city of Decatur in DeKalb County.

Upon learning of what happened from Atlanta TV station and ABC affiliate Channel 2 WSB, the post office deployed five investigators on Wednesday to recover thousands of pieces of mail, which took about two hours. The dumped mail reportedly amounted to about 20 bins worth. The Postal Service has promised to deliver all the mail to the proper recipients in Decatur. It’s unclear how long the dumping was going on before it was discovered.

“Delivering mail in the Georgia heat can be hard work, but one intuitive mailman found a way to streamline the process: dump all the mail in a ditch,” The Daily Caller quipped about the non-priority service.

The subdivision homeowners association president caught the postal worker allegedly in the act, WSB-TV reported, and recorded it on her cellphone.

“‘You have business statements, bank statements, very important mail that people are looking for and probably waiting for,’ said HOA president Kellie Campbell. Campbell took video of the postal worker dumping the mail. ‘I sat there and recorded for about 5 minutes. And he continued to just grab more mail and continued to just toss it over the fence,’ Campbell said.”

Explaining that the worker who allegedly may be responsible for this act is a part-time employee, the USPS issued a statement about the incident, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“The Postal Service condemns, in the strongest possible sense, behavior that jeopardizes the security and sanctity of the U.S. Mail — or threatens to tarnish the reputation and high level of trust that the vast majority of our employees work so hard to uphold. We are investigating this matter.”

Throwing away someone’s mail is a federal crime. Authorities have yet to announce whether the letter carrier in question is subject to discipline, being fired, and/or prosecuted, assuming the allegations hold up subject to an investigation.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a postal worker decided to apparently take the easy way out when it comes to the burdensome job of delivering letters or packages. In August, 2014, for example, an Ohio postal worker was caught on camera allegedly throwing away at least one tray of mail into a dumpster outside an apartment building. The incident occurred in the Bond Hill area of Cincinnati, and the footage was uploaded to YouTube. Officials retrieved the trashed mail and delivered the parcels to intended recipients after complaints from residents flooded into the local postmaster. A month before, a USPS driver in Birmingham, Alabama, again was caught on video allegedly tossing two packages from a mail delivery van down into a ravine or roadside embankment in a wooded area.

“Every so often, a moment comes where you simply cannot stand your job, and a freakout is typically accepted. The thought might’ve gone through the mind of Georgia postal worker who was caught dumping piles of mail into a ditch,” Vibe noted about the latest episode of mail dumping in Decatur.

“It’s just so uncalled for. To just take somebody’s personal mail and just discard it like that,” a Decatur subdivision resident told WSB.

“How many other rogue post office guys do we have?” another resident wondered.

Does it surprise you that a letter carrier would go postal, as it were, on U.S. mail even if assuming it is an out-of-the-ordinary occurrence?

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