'Keeping Up With The Joneses' Star Jon Hamm Was Awkward And Unprepared For Sex

In Keeping Up with the Joneses, Jon Hamm plays Tim Jones, that typical guy that has it all -- money, looks, and Gal Gadot for a wife -- but, even so, the character is still unhappy. For Hamm, identifying with the Keeping Up with the Joneses leading man was more difficult than most people might think. As Jon opens up about his own life, he reveals that he has never had his life as together as the man he plays on film, confessing to stumbling through the loss of his virginity, and even now, trying to come to terms with getting older.

At 19, Jon Hamm Still Wasn't Ready To Lose His Virginity

There's no set rule when it comes to losing one's virginity. It happens differently for each person and that seemed to be the message Jon Hamm was relating, when he revealed that he was a 19-year-old college student at the time he lost his virginity. Even as the interviewer displayed shock at learning Hamm lost his virginity at such a late age, Jon responded by suggesting there shouldn't be stigma attached to waiting for the right time.

The Keeping Up with the Joneses actor revealed that he felt 19 was still too early for him. He says that, while having sex for the first time may come easy for some, it was an awkward process for him.

Given the opportunity to lose his virginity over again, Jon says he would do it all very differently.

"There's no version of it that's not awkward," says Hamm. "Let's put it this way: As much as I had practiced, I was still not quite ready for game time."

Jon feels that his awkward approach to sex stems from the situation he and his father faced in losing Jon's mother. Though his parents had been divorced, he says the death of his mother hit his father exceptionally hard, and for that reason, Jon was forced to learn about women through friends and the families of those friends.

"I was quasi-adopted by my friends' families," explains Hamm. "And even today I get e-mails or cards from these women who, for lack of a better word, were my mom. We talk about what it means to be a family...I've been incredibly lucky to have these people in my life."

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Keeping Up With The Joneses Star Jon Hamm On Getting Old

Getting older is something we each have to face, much like losing our virginity, and Hamm doesn't mince words when he expresses his frustration with reaching the more mature years of his life. Hamm says "getting old sucks," leaving no room for interpretation, nor any possible way to argue the fact.

"I had an interesting conversation with an older actor whom I've looked up to for many years," Hamm recalls. "He said, 'When I wake up in the morning, I still think I'm 35. It's not until I see myself in the mirror where I'm like, 'Oh, right'...' I have that, too. That horrible realization that you're not what you used to be."

Jon does admit that he's found an upside to growing older. As one gets on in years, the opinions of others carry less weight, allowing one to live their life in ways that make them happy. Hamm is correct, when he says life is too short not to pursue one's own happiness.

With age comes wisdom, so Jon Hamm also revealed some advice he would like to pass on to his 20-year-old self, if he had the chance. Keeping Up with the Joneses' Hamm says he would tell his younger self to appreciate the struggles and learn from them. Hamm also would tell himself to understand that everything passes.

"There are just those moments in life where you have to be true to yourself and true to the world."

Keeping Up with the Joneses, starring Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot, is currently in theaters.

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