Is Cara Delevingne’s New Girlfriend Dakota Johnson After St. Vincent Left Her For Kristen Stewart? [Rumors]

The year 2016 hasn’t been that great to Cara Delevingne in the girlfriend department as her ex-girlfriend St. Vincent broke her heart before moving on to be with Kristen Stewart. The question is, has Cara Delevingne managed to find a new girlfriend before the year 2016 is over? Is she currently dating Dakota Johnson? According to iTech Post, that may very well be the case.

Following tons of PDA reports and rumors about Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne ex-girlfriend St. Vincent, fans of Cara would likely agree it is Delevingne’s turn to flaunt a new love interest before the year 2016 comes to a close. And, it would appear as if Cara Delevingne may finally be getting over her ex-girlfriend with Dakota Johnson.

According to International Business Times, Cara and Johnson have grown fairly close when St. Vincent left her and started dating Kristen Stewart shortly afterwards. Rumors claim Dakota Johnson has been a major source of support for Cara as she struggles to deal with the broken heart following her split from St. Vincent. While Cara and Dakota have always been fairly open about the friendship they share, is it possible the two lovely ladies have anything more between them than just a friendship. Has Cara Delevingne found a new girlfriend to replace St. Vincent?

“Cara Delevingne seems to be getting a lot closer to Dakota Johnson these days. The pair were almost inseparable on various nights out in New York this week and when Cara bumped into her ex St Vincent with her new girlfriend Kristen Stewart, it was Dakota who she turned to for support,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life.

The source went on to add that Cara seemed to be very happy when she was with her new potential girlfriend. While it was possible the two were just really good friends, it was very likely the friendship could develop into something more. The source even mentioned that Delevingne recently ran into her ex-girlfriend, but was not put off by the encounter because she had Dakota Johnson by her side.

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This model and actress does not appear to be keeping her close friendship with Dakota a secret. In fact, she recently celebrated Johnson’s birthday last week. During the celebration, she took a picture of them with Taylor Swift during a FaceTime session.

You might remember that Delevingne was in a serious relationship with her girlfriend St. Vincent earlier in 2016. The relationship ended in July and the model even spent time gushing about her ex and her broken heart in public. Since then, St. Vincent has moved on to her new girlfriend Kristen Stewart. The two have been spotted giving PDA to each other on several different instances.

Johnson has also split up with her on-and-off-again boyfriend of two years, Matthew Hitt, recently. While Cara and Dakota have not addressed the rumors that the two may be dating, is it possible that they are more than friends? If not, is it possible that Dakota may be Cara’s next girlfriend? Will they start dating before the year 2016 is over? Only time will tell!

One thing is true: this is certainly a messy web of relationships. Kristen Stewart has certainly had her fair share of time in the spotlight in regard to her love life. But don’t you think it is time for Cara to be happy with a new girlfriend? Could Dakota be that new girlfriend? Share your thoughts on this web of relationships and potential relationships in the comments section below.

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