New Zetas Drug Lord ‘Violent To The Point Of Sadism’

The new leader of the Zetas drug cartel is a former Dallas, Texas resident named Miguel Angel Trevino Morales. The former leader of the notorious Mexican drug cartel was shot and killed by Mexican Marines earlier this week.

Trevino Morales has been scorned as a traitor by his own cartel, and has been mocked as an ex-“car-washer” by enemies, reports ABC News. Despite this, his fearsome reputation for violence has helped him rise to power in one of Mexico’s biggest drug cartels.

George Grayson, an expert on the Zetas drug cartel:

“[Miguel Angel Trevino Morales] is extremely brutal, to the point of sadism. He is prepared to advance his interest through unspeakable violence.”

The new Zetas drug lord is also known as El 40 or the Monkey. He became the uncontested leader of the most feared drug cartel in Mexico after their former kingpin, Heriberto Lazcano was killed last Sunday. Lazcano has been linked with hundreds of murder, including a massacre involving 72 civilians.

But experts agree that Trevino Morales is even more bloodthirsty than his predecessor, and that one of his preferred methods of dealing with enemies is burning them alive.

The San Antonio Express notes that Mike Vigil, the former chief of international operations in the Drug Enforcement Administration, stated that Lazcano’s “death means that the next in line will be without question Miguel Trevino … and he will be the heir apparent. Now Lazcano was a brutal task master and extremely violent. However Miguel Trevino is 100 percent more violent than Lazcano ever was.”

The transition allowing Miguel Angel Trevino Morales to become the new Zetas drug lord is expected to be smooth with little to no violence or impact on the Mexican drug cartel’s drug trafficking.