WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Against Turning John Cena Heel

WWE fans have often wondered what the results would be like if the company turned John Cena “heel” at this point in his career. Longtime fans remember how WCW exploded after they turned Hulk Hogan heel and formed the nWo, something that caused ratings to explode and allowed WCW to beat WWE in the ratings for almost a year.

However, Cageside Seats reported that a John Cena heel turn is unlikely because Vince McMahon continues to shoot down the idea. The reason for McMahon to ignore and reject the idea probably has to do with Cena’s placement in the WWE and the work he does on the side, specifically with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The WWE pushes John Cena so hard that they release brand new clothing lines on a constant basis, changing colors so many times that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson once called him Fruity Pebbles. Because of this, the WWE makes millions of dollars off of John Cena and his “babyface” persona.

John Cena also works hard with charitable organizations and represents the WWE in a hugely positive manner. He has granted more wishes through the Make-a-Wish Foundation than any other person in the entire entertainment industry. Vince McMahon possibly sees John Cena as a face that has to remain a face to keep his charitable work legitimate.

The Miz is one of the most despicable wrestlers on the roster. He does very bad things and has done nothing to ever show that he deserves redemption. He is a perfect heel. However, he is also one of the biggest faces in the company when it comes to doing interviews, promoting the brand, and is the perfect example of someone who every wrestler should strive to be behind-the-scenes.

Despite this, he is a heel. If anything, it should be proof that a John Cena heel turn would not likely damage his work behind-the-scenes. The worst case scenario is that Cena turning heel could hurt the feelings of kids who believe that the WWE is real life. With so much work on the WWE part to tell people that these are actors playing roles, it is still real to many kids.

According to Forbes, the WWE writers have been pitching more and more ideas lately for a John Cena heel turn. However, the word is that every storyline to turn him heel has been shot down by Vince McMahon. As a result, fans continue to get John Cena pushed as a major face despite fans cheering his opponents even more in recent years.

In his most recent storyline, John Cena tried to cut out the legs from under fan favorite Dean Ambrose by saying he didn’t deserve his position and didn’t work hard enough to be there. He was also battling heel A.J. Styles, who still has a large fan base regardless of his evil ways. John Cena acted like a heel in many of their promos, but never made the full turn.


There has been a lot of rumors recently that many in the WWE want to see a John Cena heel turn before WrestleMania in 2017. Whether it would be for a match against Undertaker, or against another major face in the company is unknown. However, what is known is that a John Cena heel turn faces a major hurdle to get the idea by Vince McMahon.

[Featured Image via WWE]