Miley Cyrus Debuts ‘Two And A Half Men’ Clip On Jay Leno [Video]

Miley Cyrus will be making her debut next week on Two and a Half Men. The singer appeared on The Tonight Show last night and gave Jay Leno and her fans a sneak peak at her character Missi.

Cyrus told jay that she shares a lot of attributes with her Two And A Half Men character.

Cyrus sarcastically said:

“I play someone who can’t shut up, [and] I had to do a lot of character building. I had to go deep on that.”

Cyrus plays the love interest of Angus T. Jones on the show. The talkative actress told Leno that she had to film a kissing scene with Jones and said that it was a little awkward since she recently got engaged to Liam Hemsworth.

Cyrus said:

“The prop guys would always [ask] ‘Do you have your [engagement] ring on?’ And I’d be like ‘I have to take my ring off to make out with Angus? This is creepy!’ At first, I pictured (Jones) as that eight-year-old [from early Two and a Half Men] days, [but in this episode] his character comes back from the military with a shaved head, and it was kind of awesome.”

Here’s a clip from Miley Cyrus’ debut on Two And A Half Men.

Here’s a video of her interview on Jay Leno.