Gigi Hadid Still Learning How To Walk The Runway

Gigi Hadid has been ruling the runways for years. But even the model admits that she's still having trouble mastering her runway walk. Though she may look like a badass, and she appears to know what she's doing, the blonde beauty admits that she still has a lot to learn.

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid looks like a "badass" at all times, according to E! Online. [Image by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]

The 21-year-old is anything other than basic, according to E! Online. In fact, she's sort of a badass since she dates 23-year-old British crooner Zayn Malik. The outlet then added that Hadid's strut looks like she knows how to own the runway. Hadid is also kind of a badass when it comes to her street style, which she reinforces by showing plenty of skin, wearing faux fur, and often opting for slashed up denim.

However, Hadid isn't as confident as she may come across on the street or runway. She told W magazine that she still has a lot to learn when it comes to her modeling career.

"Obviously, I'm not the best on the runway. I'm still learning," she said.

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid admits that she doesn't have the best runway walk. [Image by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]

It helped her earn the reputation of being incredibly nice, down to earth, and hardworking, thanks to her mom, Yolanda Hadid.

"When you start working you better be the most hardworking, nicest person in the room because if you're not, then there's always going to be someone prettier, nicer, and more hardworking."
In the black-and-white "Screen Test" video, Hadid admits that she still has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to her runway walk.
"It's funny because obviously I'm not the best on the runway. Okay everyone we did it! Gigi said it; I know it! But… what do you do?"
Despite walking alongside Lauren Hutton at the Bottega Veneta show, as reported via People, Hadid says she never got proper catwalk training.
"I never was taught how to walk on the runway and maybe that's because it moved really quickly for me that people just assumed that was something I knew. I'm working on it."
Take a look at Gigi Hadid's runway walk in the videos below. Do you agree that she needs to work on it still? Let us know in the comments section.
So, what's the truth? When supermodel Naomi Campbell stopped by The Wendy Williams Show earlier this year, she revealed that she was the one who taught both Gigi and Bella Hadid how to walk the runway. It wasn't proper training, though. She taught the famous sisters how to walk inside a hotel hallway as people were walking by.

"Bella asked me last year if I'd mentor her and I said yes," Campbell told Williams, as cited by E! Online. "I love [her and Gigi] both. They're really both great girls. They're hardworking girls."

"So we were up at my hotel in the hallway...and the hallway was the runway. People were coming out of the elevators, and I'm like, 'Keep going! Don't stop! That's your audience. Gimme some attitude!' I said, 'Bella, when someone says this to you, what kind of attitude do you have? Now, gimme that attitude!' It was really fun. They were great. And I'm really happy that if it helped them in any way, I'm happy to share myself like that."
Check out the rest of Naomi Campbell's interview with Wendy Williams in the video below.
Gigi Hadid has also credited fashion editor Carine Roitfeld for getting her where she is today.
"There was one point where my agent called me and he said Carine Roitfeld wants to meet you, and I said, 'Are you sure she said the right name? I have boobs and a butt."
The editor asked Hadid to star in a Tom Ford ad campaign, which she describes as the moment where "it all started for me."

In that same interview, Hadid says that she gets the "hot sweats" whenever she sees herself on a billboard. She also reveals her star crush, her first kiss, her prom dress, and the best piece of advice that Yolanda Hadid ever gave her.

[Featured Image by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]