Trouble In Paradise Or A Wedding On The Way For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Josh Murray And Amanda Stanton?

When Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray met this summer on Bachelor in Paradise, sparks flew instantly between the two. There were many warnings from other cast members, including current Bachelor star Nick Viall, regarding Josh and things that were previously rumored about him. Amanda chose to follow her heart and trust in Josh and their relationship. It paid off, and on the season finale, Josh proposed marriage to Amanda and she happily accepted. Now that it’s been a few months since the Bachelor in Paradise finale aired, many are wondering how Josh and Amanda are doing. Is there trouble in paradise, or are Stanton and Murray still going strong and heading closer to a wedding?

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Shortly after the finale, Entertainment Tonight shared Josh’s thoughts on Amanda and their new engagement. Murray shared how much he is in love with Stanton.

Josh said, “Amanda is an amazing woman. She is the best woman I’ve ever met in my entire life… She’s beautiful not only on the outside, but it radiates on the inside, and that’s what I love the most about her.”

When asked about having children with Amanda, Josh said, “I can’t wait. I want a big family, I’ve always wanted a big family. She’s already had two, and we talked about maybe maxing out at three more. Possible a whole basketball team.”

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Amanda feels the same way about Josh. Us Weekly shared more about Stanton’s feelings towards her new fiance.

Amanda said, “He’s so dedicated and so loyal. He’s sweet and thoughtful and caring — it’s not just something he turns on for the cameras.”

Stanton further elaborated that like Josh, she does want to get married, and while her hands may currently be full with her two young daughters, she definitely wants more children in the future. When asked about the allegations made by castmates and Murray’s former fiance Andi Dorfman, Amanda says she has not read Andi’s book and will not in the future.

She said, “I know Josh pretty well now myself, so it’s not something I’m too worried about. There are two sides to every story.”

So are Josh and Amanda still going strong now that they have settled into life together outside of Bachelor in Paradise? Entertainment Tonight had reported a few rough spots for the couple in the beginning after Josh moved to California to be with Amanda and her daughters. A source had shared that Amanda and Josh had even broken up a few times while they were working to get to know each other better and fight off the constant criticism they faced together as a couple. The two worked through their issues and remained a couple.

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It looks like even after all the criticism and bad press, Josh and Amanda are moving forward with their plans to spend forever together. Us Weekly shared this week that Murray and Stanton are currently looking for their first house together. Amanda posted a Snapchat on Tuesday of their house hunting adventures.

Stanton captioned the snap, saying, “House hunting with this nerd.”

Josh could be seen in the background peeking his head around a corner. Perhaps with the news of the two looking for a house to call their own, this means a wedding is on the horizon for Josh and Amanda.

It is obvious when the two are together how much pure chemistry and adoration they have for one another. Josh obviously loves Amanda’s daughter’s as much as he loves her. The two share family photos often on social media. It looks like Amanda and Josh are happy, in love, and making it work. Fans of the couple are anxious to see Murray and Stanton tie the knot.

Another couple Bachelor in Paradise fans are gushing over is Evan Bass and Carly Waddell. Check out the Inquisitr’s previous post to see how Carly and Evan are surviving after Paradise. The hit reality show Bachelor in Paradise will return next summer with all new cast members hoping to find love. In the meantime, don’t forget to tune in to ABC in early January when The Bachelor, featuring Nick Viall, returns.

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