Maddie Ziegler Writes Memoir And YA Trilogy, JoJo Siwa Talks 'Friendly Competition' With 'Dance Moms' Alum

Maddie Ziegler has recently released the first teaser for her upcoming memoir, The Maddie Diaries. The Dance Moms alum's new book, set to come out in March of 2017, will give fans a glimpse of her life outside ALDC and reality TV. Apart from the memoir, Ziegler is also set to release a young adult trilogy next year.

Early this week, Maddie Ziegler unveiled the cover for her upcoming autobiography, The Maddie Diaries, on Instagram. Although she has not finished the writing the book just yet, the former Dance Moms star shared that the memoir is already available for preorder. The Daily Mail reported that the memoir documents Ziegler's time on the hit Lifetime reality show, as well as her life growing up in the spotlight.

In an interview with People, Ziegler revealed that The Maddie Diaries, which will be published under Gallery Books, would also contain advice and lessons for teens and aspiring dancers alike.

Apart from her memoir, the 14-year-old will also be releasing a young adult trilogy, with the first book set for release in Fall of 2017. The second and third installment is set to hit bookstores in Fall of 2018 and Fall of 2019, respectively. The site reported that Ziegler's YA debut will follow the story of a young dancer as she navigates the competitive dance world while handling all the struggles of being a teenager.

Ziegler revealed that she has always been passionate about writing, adding that she is thankful for the opportunity to inspire her young fans.

"I've always been the type of person who really enjoys writing stories. So when I found out I would be writing books, I was so excited that I got started right away!"

Through The Maddie Diaries, Ziegler hoped that her journey will inspire others to keep following their dreams in spite of all the hardships coming their way.

"I'm honored to be given the chance to write about my journey. My hope is to inspire others to always keep dreaming and push through the hardships because it's so worth it to find something you are truly passionate about in life. Always be brave enough to live out your dreams."
Early this year, Maddie Ziegler left Dance Moms to focus on her solo career. Melissa Gisoni, Maddie's mom, has always been vocal about how they have passed on several opportunities to give priority to Dance Moms and Abby Lee Miller. After being on the show for six seasons, Maddie and Melissa felt that it was time to move on to "bigger and better things."

In this week's episode of Dance Moms, titled "JoJo Is a No Show," Miller claimed that there is no future for JoJo Siwa in ALDC after the 13-year-old dancer abruptly left the team. Jessalyn, JoJo's mom, decided to pull her out of the competition after Miller assigned a ballet duet to her and Kendall Vertes. Given that JoJo is not a skilled ballet dancer, Jessalyn feared that doing the routine would make her look bad and affect her reputation.

"If we look bad on stage, I care. JoJo's gonna be the next big thing. Her music video's out, her song is out. There's so much other stuff coming out. JoJo's branding herself. Honestly, JoJo has a lot to lose. I don't need Abby bringing us down."
After Siwa left her teammates high and dry, Miller declared that there is no future for Siwa in the ALDC. Since the episode aired, several Dance Moms fans wondered if Siwa could be following Ziegler's footsteps and eventually leave the team. TMZ recently caught up with Siwa and asked about the friendly competition between her and Ziegler. They also asked her if she thought she could end up being as big as Ziegler in the future.

"Maddie is like one of my best friends in the whole wide world. I think she's doing so amazing right now. I think eventually we'll be like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. I think we'll one day be friends, equals, and just be having fun, having the time of our life. We make jokes about how when we're older were gonna have this huge house together," JoJo shared.

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