David Parnes Gives Emotional Update About His Brother After Heartbreaking ‘MDLLA’ Episode

David Parnes has shared his professional life with viewers on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles for a few years now and when fans met him, he was a single guy with two dogs. He met and fell in love on the show and he even got engaged. And while Parnes has no problem showing his fans the hard work he puts in to sell his listings, it sounds like he hasn't been as open about his family life. And on last night's episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, David revealed that he was battling some personal emotions as he learned that his brother had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

According to a new Instagram post, David Parnes is now breaking his silence about his brother, revealing that he is still doing well despite the emotional episode. Parnes clearly had a hard time concentrating at work, because he was concerned about his brother. David opened up about his brother's brain tumor on last night's episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and he decided to take some time off and travel to London to be by his side.

Interestingly, David Parnes had a special message to his brother. After the episode aired last night, Parnes shared a heartwarming message on Instagram to his brother and it sounds like David's brother Mike is doing quite alright. Many fans were concerned about his brother and what may have happened to him as he did appear to be very sick, but Parnes had some sweet words for his brother."My big brother Mike. You started your own business at 24 years old, ran a company of over 40 people and made your mark within such a short time. You're my and our younger sisters Natalie and Alexandra's idol, our inspiration and you've been our guiding force for everything we've achieved. You make the impossible seem possible, the unachievable achievable. You make all the bad, seem better," David Parnes wrote on Instagram yesterday after the emotional episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles aired.


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On the show, Parnes revealed that he was very close to his brother and the two appear to be close in age. And despite being thousands of miles apart, they are very close and David clearly looks up to his brother. He even credits his brother for his professional drive and being an inspiration in business.

"Everything I've ever done right in my life has been because you have shown me what I can do from the day I was born. Most importantly, you have the kind, gentle heart of our amazing mother and the strength and perseverance of our father. If I ever live to inspire even one person the way you have inspired me, it will be the best win I'll ever have," David Parnes continues in his Instagram post, adding, "Life tests us at unbelievable levels at times and the way you've dealt with this has shown me what's really important. Mike I love you so much and I know you'll be ok. I'm so grateful to call you my big brother."On next week's episode, Parnes returns to Los Angeles after having spent a few days in England to be with his brother. In addition, he is clearly still affected by his brother's illness on the next couple of episodes, as he has a hard time showing a few listings and even working with his partner, James Harris. But it's awesome to hear that his brother is doing well.

What do you think of David Parnes' long Instagram post dedicated to his brother after the emotional episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles last night?

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