Mia Khalifa's Pornhub Offer: Is She Going Back To The Adult Industry?

Mia Khalifa left the adult entertainment industry over a year ago. She has since focused on calling men out on Twitter and talking about her love of sports. Is Mia considering going back to the adult entertainment industry after publishing her first-ever sports column?

Pornhub has an offer for the 23-year-old actress. However, it's not what you think. Khalifa is not returning to the adult entertainment industry just yet. The adult video streaming service has offered Ole Miss Rebels quarterback Chad Kelly a chance to date and possibly charm another adult video star who is not Khalifa, according to a Maxim report.

"I'd like to officially offer you an opportunity to go on a date with a porn star and learn how to best pick up women," the letter says. "Think of Pornhub as your dating coach. We can arrange a lovely dinner date with one of our beautiful porn stars and she can show you the ropes. You can try various pickup lines on her, see which ones work, which ones fall flat. She can offer guidance and break down the X's and O's of dating so you're best equipped for future situations."

The football player has attempted to slide into Khalifa's DMs on Twitter twice, according to the Daily Star. And, both times, the former Pornhub star has called him out. In one of the messages, Kelly asked to FaceTime with the former adult entertainment star.

Khalifa posted a screengrab of their private conversation she had on Twitter with Kelly along with the caption, "Shoulda spent more time in your playbook and less time in my DM's."

Khalifa has addressed the awkward situation during an appearance on 96.5 WCFM show Break Room, as reported via the Daily Caller. Khalifa admitted that she doesn't think Kelly is a bad guy, just one who's greatly misunderstood.

"He didn't have to delete his social media and go into hiding," she said. "He didn't say anything bad. He didn't Brett Favre himself or anything."

The brunette vixen said the fact that Kelly deleted his Twitter account after the first time she exposed him is proof alone that he's a "b****."

It doesn't look like Khalifa will be one of those guys who Kelly ends up dating. For one, she didn't fall for his advances, and second, she's no longer in the adult entertainment industry. Earlier this summer, Khalifa revealed in an interview with the Washington Post that she hasn't acted in the industry for over a year. In fact, Khalifa was only in the adult entertainment industry for three months before quitting.

"Honestly, I think the teams try to separate themselves from me because of the reputation of being a former adult actress, which I totally understand and respect," she said. "But I'm still gonna support them."

"I guess it was my rebellious phase," she later remarked. "It wasn't really for me. I kind of smartened up and tried to distance myself from that."

Now, Khalifa wants to focus on promoting her favorite sports teams on her social media pages. Of course, the social media darling still gets sexy by posting racy photos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts and hosting a live adult chat on Camstr. Khalifa is focused on growing her social media followers and making an income from that.

"I was a big D.C. sports fan obviously when I lived there, but when I moved away – even when I was in college in Texas – it was a taste of home to me," she said. "It cured my homesickness, it made me feel like I was still a part of D.C."

What are your thoughts on Chad Kelly's offer from Pornhub? Do you think he should take them up on their offer? Sound off below in the comments section.