‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ Twist: Who Will Be The Next To Die? [Spoilers]

American Horror Story: Roanoke has been completely different to any other season before it. Initially told as a documentary, we’re now thrown into a world of reality TV. The “real” people and the “actors” have been thrown back into the house again on a blood moon, and people are dying.

It’s not really surprising that people are dying. After all, this is American Horror Story. But what we do know right now is that all the production crew and cast will die except one. There are now many fans trying to work out who will live and who will be the next person to die. Yes, the next because we’ve already said goodbye to one character: R is for Rory. Evan Peters found himself at the mercy of the sister nurses who were looking to finish off the world “Murder.”

Let’s take a look at the rest of the people in the house and the production crew that we know of and work out who will be next to die.

Sydney: The Showrunner

Every show has a showrunner, and Cheyenne Jackson has that delightful and annoying role for this season. He plays Sydney, who is after another major hit after the success of My Roanoke Nightmare. It was his idea to get everyone back for the filming. He doesn’t believe in the ghosts and thinks that the Millers and Lee have made the whole story up. Well, he’s about to find out the truth, but will he die to find that out?

It is possible that his death will happen off-screen. One of the other characters will likely come across his body at some point — or the butcher will sacrifice him in front of the house.

Audrey Tindall: The Fake Shelby

It’s worth pointing out that MTV News isn’t too certain about this character’s potential on American Horror Story: Roanoke. Audrey is played by Sarah Paulson, and the actress’ characters always seem to survive to the end. Will this be the case this season?

She isn’t completely essential to the storyline, so it is possible that she will find herself dying. Maybe she will be one of the last so fans get to keep Paulson on the screen for a little longer. Of course, some are more bothered that Peters has gone so quickly.

Dominic Banks: The Fake Matt

There’s not much to know about Dominic yet, except that he had a week-long fling with the real Shelby. Right now, he looks like he is just there to create tension between Matt and Shelby, and it worked. Is there any other reason to keep him around? There wouldn’t be too many issues if he was the next one to die, and suspicions would fall on Matt.

Monet Tumissee: The Fake Lee

We didn’t get to see much of Angela Bassett on the screen in the recent episode, but we did get a bit of story for her. She’s now an alcoholic and blames it all on Lee. Chances are she isn’t going to survive until the end. We’ll have to see how the story goes with the rest of the episodes. Right now, there are high chances that she will be one of the next ones to die in American Horror Story Season 6.

It is worth noting that Bassett directed the episode this week, so it is possible that was the reason for the lack of screen time for her character. Maybe there will be more next week.

Lee Harris: The Real Lee

Tensions are high in the house, and there are plenty of people who suspect Lee as Mason’s killer. In fact, there are fans of the show who believe Lee had something to do with it — the ghosts could only kill on the blood moon, right?

However, Lee would work out as the sole survivor. She could end up being accused of the murder of everyone else or go completely crazy because of everything that has happened to her again.

Shelby Miller: The Real Shelby

One of the Millers surviving to the end would definitely make sense. Shelby has become more of the main character, and she is played by veteran AHS actress Lily Rabe. Maybe fans would prefer one of the veterans to survive to the very end. Shelby could work out how to survive, and it would help redeem her character — or maybe she sacrifices herself to show how much she loves Matt to let him live.

Matt Miller: The Real Matt

Matt could also be next. This is unlikely, because he is one of the main characters of the season. We also know that the story the Millers and Lee have told isn’t the full story, so the three of them need to stick around for a little longer.

Right now, we don’t know why Matt agreed to come back. Considering everything that happened and everything that he believed, he should have wanted to stay as far away from the house as possible. Is it possible that he has made a deal with the Butcher to stay alive but allow everyone else to die? Surely that would be the only reason he would return.

Who do you think will be the next to die on American Horror Story: Roanoke? Who will be the one to live?

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