2016 Election Polls Results: Recent Battleground States Presidential Polls Suggest Hillary Clinton Landslide Win Over Donald Trump In Presidential Race

The recent 2016 election polls results make clear the three presidential debate victories for Hillary Clinton and the seemingly endless series of Donald Trump sex scandals have taken their toll on Trump’s campaign. According to CNN, Clinton went from a two point lead – on average – in the 2016 presidential race to a nine point lead. In the battleground states, things are even worse for Trump.

Donald Trump on the campaign trail as he drops in 2016 election polls.

National 2016 Election Polls

The national election polls look about as bad for Donald Trump as they have in the entire 2016 presidential campaign. The latest Quinnipiac election poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump seven points in a four-person race – which is what we actually have – and six points in a hypothetical two person race.

The news for Donald Trump gets even more bleak in the 2016 election polls results from Bloomberg, which have Hillary Clinton nine points ahead of Trump in a four-person race. These kinds of numbers – and some of the election polls show Clinton’s lead even greater – suggest the possibility of a massive Hillary Clinton landslide win come Election Day.

Battleground States 2016 Election Polls

With Hillary Clinton winning in virtually all of the national polls, it’s not surprising she is doing well in the battleground states. Clinton is also expanding the definition of the term “battleground states.” In the past, Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania were often considered battlegrounds for the two parties.

However, Clinton is currently winning those traditional battleground states by a wide margin. The latest election polls results from Christopher Newport University for Virginia show Clinton with a 12 point lead. Both Gravis and Quinnipiac have Clinton ahead by four points in Florida. And Quinnipiac gives Clinton a six-point lead in Pennsylvania.

But the recent 2016 election polls are showing that even in states that usually vote Republican in presidential elections, Clinton is pulling ahead or is tied. For example, in North Carolina the SurveyUSA and Civitas election polls both show Hillary Clinton with a two-point lead over Donald Trump.

In absolutely disastrous election polls news for Donald Trump, he is either losing or tied in states like Utah or Arizona, where Democrats haven’t won the presidential race in decades. When the red states like this start turning blue, the resulting landslide for Hillary Clinton could easily snatch control of the Senate and the House from Republicans.

Donald Trump on debate stage as 2016 election polls show Clinton lead.

How Trump Lost the 2016 Election

Polls don’t lie, so Donald Trump must have done something over the last month or so to tank his own presidential campaign. It’s fairly clear that the two things that helped push Donald Trump’s 2016 election bid toward what seems like inevitable defeat were his ongoing sex scandals and losing – badly – all three presidential debates.

Prior to the daily news of Donald Trump sex scandals – from the audio of him bragging about groping women to the allegations that Trump raped a 13-year-old – Trump was actually doing quite well in the 2016 election polls.

But even those Republicans – like Sen. John McCain – who had reluctantly accepted Trump as their candidate started to question whether they could really vote for him as this disturbing information came out. The first significant dent in Donald Trump’s election polls numbers began from these revelations.

As ABC News reports, Republicans might have been able to hold their noses and vote for Donald Trump on Election Day if he had done better in the debates. While Trump had managed to skirt his way through the primary election debates by simply being bellicose, this didn’t work with Hillary Clinton.

Throughout all three presidential debates, even the most diehard Trump supporters had to confront the fact that he didn’t seem very presidential. In fact, he seemed ill-informed, thin-skinned and poorly prepared. What they had previously mistaken for strength was revealed to be ignorance.

The most recent 2016 election polls results show that the American people may not be as vulnerable to demagogues as we might have feared. Once Donald Trump came under closer examination and trotted out onto the debate stage with Hillary Clinton, his fate in the 2016 election was sealed.

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