Hillary Clinton Jokes About President Obama Being A Muslim [Video]

The jokes that emerged from both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from Thursday’s 71st annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner are still being talked about online on Friday. As reported by the Inquisitr, Trump joked about Melania Trump giving the exact same speech as Michelle Obama — with Donald quipping that the press loved it when Michelle said the inspiring words, but gave Melania a hard time for plagiarism. Donald said that Melania didn’t know her husband would make a joke about the speech controversy — with Trump joking about Melania being mad at him — and Trump being in trouble once they got home.

Hillary gave her own zingers during the dinner at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York. As seen in the below video, Hillary joked about President Obama not being able to take a historic presidential photo with all the other former presidents — that’s if Trump is elected president and bans all Muslims. It was a joke that seemed to send a few shockwaves through the crowd. While some laughed, others didn’t seem to know what to do.

The full video of Hillary roasting Trump at the dinner can be seen below.

It’s a video that has gained more than 90,000 views since being uploaded on October 20. It is only one of the copies of the videos that have been uploaded to the video-sharing website that are gaining in views in the past 12 hours or so.


Clinton joked about taking a break from her “rigorous nap schedule” to give the speech — one that Hillary said she would usually charge a lot to give.

Hillary joked that while she might not be able to qualify for sainthood — though biblical scholars might take Clinton to task with that issue, seeing as though the Apostle Paul called all Christians saints — Clinton did say that getting through three debates with Trump should qualify her for something heavenly. Hillary called it going up against a hard stained-glass window.

Clinton also told Donald he could stand up at any moment and shout that what she was saying was wrong, as Trump often did during their heated presidential debates.

Hillary quipped that Donald would give the Statue of Liberty a four or five when rating the woman — perhaps if she lost the torch and the helmet hair, Trump would find her more attractive.

“You know what would be a good number for a woman? 45…”

Hillary also called sensible, mainstream Republicans supporters of Clinton. She also hit back at Trump’s wish to have Hillary drug-tested prior to their final debate. Hillary found it flattering that Donald thought Clinton used some kind of performance-enhancing drug — one that Hillary called “preparation.”

Clinton joked that everyone at the dinner could find a common ground on ripping on Ted Cruz.

At the end of her spiel, Clinton got a bit more serious in speaking about Al Smith being a Catholic.

Hillary Clinton

Donald had his turn to roast Hillary, as seen in the below video of Trump’s full speech.

However, Trump drew derisive boos from the crowd when he spoke about Hillary and Catholics.

Donald’s above video gained more than 100,000 views — but as the video’s description reveals, Trump seemed to tank after taking a few low blows at Hillary.

“After earning hearty laughs for many of his early jokes at the annual Al Smith dinner, Donald Trump appeared to lose the crowd as he crossed the line from jokes to deeply personal insults aimed at rival Hillary Clinton. Trump was repeatedly booed when he described Clinton as corrupt and latched onto information contained in hacked emails from her staff. That included a hit on Clinton for ‘pretending’ not to hate Catholics as she sits at a Catholic charity event.”

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