'Crazy Ex Girlfriend' Is Back Tonight In West Covina For Season 2

Tonight, we go back to West Covinaaaaaa, Californiaaaaaaaaaa. Rebecca Bunch is back on a new night for season two of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and showrunners are promising more of everything, including the evolution of Rebecca's delusions and men. It seems that Rebecca is finally coming to terms with the fact that she moved across the country for Josh Chan.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend brings something new to the half-hour comedy format that has been successful over the years with shows like Modern Family, according to the Inquisitr. Modern Family has set the standard among sitcoms, but Crazy Ex Girlfriend often breaks into hysterical songs to punctuate the drama in the life of Rebecca Bunch, played by the multi-talented Rebecca Bloom. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is the kind of show that increased viewership by word of mouth.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend is back tonight on the CW, but if you haven't seen it, you can catch up on Hulu. In season two, Rebecca is coming to terms with her impulsive decision to walk away from a partnership at a prestigious law firm in New York, and join a small, non-ambitious firm in West Covina, California. But season two has Rebecca admitting that she didn't move to West Covina for a change of scenery, she moved there for Josh Chan. And Rebecca wants to make it clear in song, that she's not crazy, she is in love.

"They say love makes you crazy, therefore you can't call her crazy. 'Cause when you call her crazy, you're just calling her in love." She's not crazy, she's in love. But in love with whom? Somebody or an idea of somebody?


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Season one of Crazy Ex Girlfriend ended with Rebecca and Josh hooking up after his sister's wedding. But in the afterglow, Rebecca admits to moving to West Covina essentially to stalk Josh. E! says that season two is even better than season one, with the crazy, boundary-pushing storylines that the fans have come to expect. E! says that the musical numbers will get stuck in your head, and they are also at a new, even better level.

"And then there are the musical numbers, including a take on Beyoncé's "Lemonade," a Marilyn Monroe-esque song about love triangles (and geometry), a brief song about having sex while on your period, and a throwback pop-rock song (think Blink-182) about ping pong, which are wittier than ever. This show goes deep, both with the lyrics and the biting dialogue. It's hard to believe this show is on The CW."

Vanity Fair got the chance to speak with the cast of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and they are excited about their second season. The show's creator, Rebecca Bloom, who plays Rebecca Bunch, says it's her character to blame for the storm of crazy that spreads through the cast, and everything she touches in West Covina.

"I think that Rebecca arriving in West Covina created a ripple effect," Bloom said. "It caused people around her to ask, 'What makes me happy? This person is pursuing happiness—what makes me happy?' But while last season was all about Rebecca's extreme denial—it took her episodes and episodes to admit that she had moved cross-country to be with Josh ( Vincent Rodriguez III), her old summer-camp fling—this season sees our favorite anti-heroine admitting to herself that she wants love... and actively, openly pursuing it."

Bloom explains the show concept and says it can't stay fresh for five seasons, but she has mapped out the whole plot line in phases, almost in the style of Breaking Bad.

Are you watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend? Will you watch tonight?

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