Kelly Dodd On Tamra Judge: ‘Tamra Knew She Had Screwed Up Badly’ After Violent Outburst

Kelly Dodd may be new to The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she's learning the hard way how to deal with some of the ladies on the show. While Kelly says she's never watched the show before joining it, one can imagine that she may have read stories about Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, Meghan King Edmonds, and Heather Dubrow. And it sounds like Kelly isn't too happy with the way Judge is handling a particular situation between herself and Dodd.

According to a new Bravo report, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that she's convinced Judge feels bad about what happened in Ireland. While Judge was furious that Kelly was talking about her daughter, it sounds like she has no plans of forgiving Dodd for her comments. And yet, Kelly is convinced that Judge feels horrible about how she handled the situation, even though the ladies agree that children are off limits.

"I am naïve sometimes. I thought that if I apologized for what I said, then Tamra would apologize for hitting me and telling me 'F*** YOU!'" Kelly Dodd explains, sharing that she was completely shocked that she was attacked by Tamra.

Of course, their stories differ greatly. Tamra says that she merely touched Kelly on the shoulder and turned her around when she learned that she had said things about her daughter, Sidney.

Dodd's comments were caught on camera and she said in anger, "No wonder her daughter doesn't talk to her."

Kelly Dodd's story is that Judge violently grabbed her after she heard that she had said something about Sidney -- something that Shannon Beador had relayed to Judge. Kelly may have said something about Tamra's daughter, but she didn't feel it warranted a violent reaction. The witnesses have not shared what happened between the ladies.


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"Tamra knew she had screwed up badly. I believe that she took the opportunity to say she was going to kill me and attend my funeral in two different instances as part of a strategy to desensitize and diminish the significance of her heinous act. Sorry Tamra, no amount of verbal gymnastics will soften the impact of your aggression. Regardless of what I said in anger, your anger towards me was beyond the pale and inexcusable," Kelly Dodd explains on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County.

But Dodd' issues this week weren't just with Judge. She was also shocked that Shannon Beador kept pouring alcohol for her, even though she kept saying that she didn't want to drink. Beador has denied trying to get Kelly drunk because she knows that Dodd loses control when she's drunk. But Dodd is convinced that the ladies were scheming. She just doesn't know what they are scheming about, which is what is frustrating. Fans already know that she has an anger management problem.

"The question is why? What were they up to? I believe that Tamra embarrassed herself when she hit me, that she, Shannon and Heather were trying to get me seriously drunk then agitate me to the point where I would lose my cool and act badly. They were hoping I would say and do something would make Tamra's transgression pale in comparison. Too bad I was onto them from the start," Kelly Dodd reveals on her blog, sharing that she didn't want them to win in this case.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd's comments that she knew what the ladies were up to? Do you think she's right that Tamra Judge regrets the way she was acting, especially when it comes to the way she touched Dodd in anger?

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