Will Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris’ Split Be Turned Into A New Song After Reports Suggested Tom Hiddleston Broke Them Up?

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up earlier this year after Tom Hiddleston reportedly suggested that Harris had hit on one of his female friends while dating Swift, and now, a new song may be on its way.

Although the content of the possible song has yet to be revealed, a new report suggests that Taylor Swift may be doing what she does best and channeling her relationship drama and heartache into new music.

On October 19, the Australia Network News revealed that Taylor Swift had recently teased rehearsal clips and a potential new song, which may be about her former boyfriend, Calvin Harris, whom she dated for 15 months. According to the report, Taylor Swift is set to perform at Formula 1’s U.S Grand Prix on Saturday, and during the event, she may be releasing and performing something fans haven’t yet heard.

Although Taylor Swift has not yet confirmed her plans for new music, her longtime friend, model Gigi Hadid, recently told Entertainment Tonight that the singer was back in the studio after taking several months off after her “1989 World Tour.”

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris parted ways in early June, and by mid-June, she was dating Hiddleston, who she spent time with at the 2016 Met Gala in New York City in May. Although many believed at first that Swift and Hiddleston had embarked on their relationship prior to Taylor Swift’s breakup from Harris, it has since been revealed that Hiddleston may have lied to Swift about her former boyfriend in an effort to get into her good graces himself.

Earlier this month, a report suggested Hiddleston, who will star in the upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok, had convinced Taylor Swift that Harris had hit on someone behind her back.

“Tom Hiddleston fabricated a story about Harris flirting with another woman, so he could date [Taylor Swift],” the Hollywood Gossip claimed to readers on October 12, via Hall of Fame Magazine, revealing that the actor told Swift “that Harris had been hitting one of his friends behind her back.”

Prior to Hiddleston’s alleged accusations, Taylor Swift and her former boyfriend were having issues, so when Hiddleston gave the singer a possible reason why she and Harris may not be getting along, she chose to call it quits on their relationship. However, after Taylor Swift and Hiddleston broke up just months into their romance, she began questioning the authenticity of his past claims about Harris.

“Shortly after [Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston] broke up, the singer allegedly investigated Hiddleston’s allegations to Harris. She met the woman whom the Scottish singer reportedly flirted with. Nevertheless, the girl denied the accusations,” the outlet revealed.

Once Taylor Swift learned that Hiddleston had allegedly fabricated his claims against Harris, she was understandably upset and quickly reached out to Harris in an effort to make amends.

Last month, after the drama between Taylor Swift and Hiddleston played out, a source spoke to Hollywood Life and revealed that the singer was working on new music.

“[Taylor Swift] is handling things well and she is working on music and writing lyrics down all the time especially since she has been involved in so many recent high profile news stories with Tom [Hiddleston] or Kanye [West] and even the Super Bowl speculation,” a source told revealed to the outlet. “She has a lot of material to work off.”

Taylor Swift has not yet officially confirmed plans for a new song or a new album.

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