Dog Saves Baby Who Had Stopped Breathing [Video]

Portland, CT — A faithful rescue dog is a hero for saving the life of a newborn baby who unbeknownst to her parents had stopped breathing.

The Brousseau family adopted Duke, the life-saving mixed breed canine, about six years ago. Last Sunday night, according to WFSB Hartford, Duke jumped on the Brousseaus’ bed and was jumping up and down and shaking so “uncontrollably” that he woke up Jenna Brousseau and her husband.

Since their family dog was always “insanely obedient,” the couple knew something was wrong in the house and Duke — through his bizarre behavior — was trying to alert the Brousseaus to that. And they were right: “When they went into their 9-week-old daughter Harper’s room, she was not breathing.”

The parents called 911, and paramedics quickly responded to the residence and revived Harper. She was later treated at a local hospital and apparently is back home and doing fine now.

According to, “Jenna Brousseau believes that Duke understands what they did for him when they rescued him and truly wanted to return the favor.”

The Brosseaus hope that sharing this story of how Duke saved their baby daughter Harper will encourage other families to adopt a homeless dog from a shelter. October is Adopt-a-Shelter Dog month.

Watch the WFSB video report on rescue dog Duke who saved baby Harper:

Does this story of loyalty and devotion by a dog inspire you to consider adopting a pet from a shelter? Have you ever adopted a dog before?