Reds Broom: Did A Fan’s Pathetic Attempt Doom The Team?

The Reds broom didn’t cost the team a chance at advancing to the National League Championship Series, but it also didn’t help.

Up two games to none, the Cincinnati Reds looked ready to sweep the San Francisco Giants out of the playoffs, and one Reds fan decided to bring a broom to rub it in. Only the Reds broom wasn’t much of a broom at all, NBC Sports noted. The thing looked like someone tied a few strands of hay to the end of a blue stick.

The Reds broom made its debut in Game 3, with TBS panning in on the woman holding it during the top of the 10th inning and the Giants threatening to score. Not only did the Reds fail to win that series-clinching game, but they went on to lose the Game 4 and then Game 5 as well.

The Sportress of Blogitude actually caught the Reds broom first, describing it in not-so-nice terms:

As you can see, the broom is not so much a broom but more of a wooden stick with some of those, uh, broom-sweeping strand thingies sparsely wrapped around the end of it. Was this lady, who obviously had the best intentions, simply unwilling to bring her “fancy broom” to the game for fear it could be damaged or lost, forcing her to spend a measly ten bucks to spring for a new broom?

As I mentioned above, her heart was in the right place, but man, that’s one broom that should have been thrown in the trash a long time ago. Sheesh.

The Reds broom joined with an ESPN jinx to help push the series to the Giants. The sports network doubted the Giants, just as they did in 2010 when the team made an improbable run to the World Series, but just like in 2010 the Giants found a way to win.