Baxter and Bailey: Golden Retriever Rescues Brother Lost In The Woods [Video]

Sandwich, MA — Man’s best friend can sometimes be each other’s best friend.

The brothers Baxter and Bailey are Golden Retrievers who live on Cape Cod with their owner Penny Blackwell. On September 26, they were tied together with a double leash at home but somehow got free and ran away. Blackwell distributed flyers and posted Facebook messages looking for help in finding the two missing dogs.

Two weeks later, a family who was made aware of the situation of the lost dogs from Facebook found Baxter wandering near their house and reunited Baxter with his owner. But Bailey was still missing, until Baxter decided to track his brother down when Penny brought him back to the location where the family had found him.

The CBS Boston affiliate has the rest of this heartwarming story about the two devoted Golden Retrievers:

” ‘Baxter kind of led me off the side through the woods. I had twigs in my eyes and leaves in my hair,’ Penny says. Baxter kept pulling Penny down the path until finally they came upon Bailey with his leash all wrapped up around some bushes …

“Penny thinks her goldens spent most of the two weeks trapped together, until Baxter broke free. Then she believes he kept going back to check on Bailey.”

Blackwell admitted that she had given up hope that she would ever see her dogs again. But when they found him, “I could hardly get him untied because he was jumping on me and jumping on Baxter because he was so happy to see us.”

Watch the WBZ-TV report on Baxter and Bailey:

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in American and around the world. Is there any wonder why?