Police Release 911 Calls In Hopes Of New Lead On Phoenix Serial Killer [Audio]

It’s been seven months since a drive-by serial killer began targeting residents of Phoenix, and there has been very little progress in the case. For this reason, police officials have taken the step of releasing the 911 calls of the victims’ relatives in hopes of gaining new tips. Each of the recordings involves the family members begging for police assistance. One woman spoke emotionally about the March 18 shooting of her brother, as NBC News shares.

“My brother — they just shot him. Just right in front of my house.”

Although the recordings simply capture the horror and panic that the actions of the unknown killer produced, and provide no new clues, police are hoping that the calls will bring compassion to anyone who may know about the killings, prompting individuals who possibly do, to step forward.

“We’ve done what we can do forensically and it has not helped us solve the case,” Sgt. Jonathan Howard said Thursday. “We’re still hoping for that one piece of the puzzle and we think that will come from the community. We’re confident that somebody knows something.”

Investigators on the case have linked nine shooting between the dates of March 17 and July 11 of 2016 by way of physical evidence. Seven people have died, one victim having been a 12-year-old girl.