Kate Hudson Wants One-Night Stand With Brad Pitt, And Why She Loves Her Stepfather Kurt Russell

Kate Hudson revealed she has a crush on now-single Brad Pitt, according to the Sun. The 37-year-old How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days actress admitted she would exchange digits with the Fight Club star, who is currently divorcing Angelina Jolie.

Speaking to Howard Stern on his SiriusXM radio show, Kate Hudson has revealed what she is looking for in her ideal man. It's been over two years since the actress split from her fiancé Matt Bellamy, so, of course, she wants to find the man of her dreams.

And Brad Pitt may be just the right candidate for her. In fact, Kate Hudson admitted she would definitely exchange numbers with the Fight Club actor if she had the chance to.

"You know what I really want right now? Honestly – I'm just going to be honest – I want [a] funny [guy]."
Kate Hudson added that "funny" makes her happy, but was quick to add that right now she wants someone "really hot." Who better fits the description than Pitt?
"Like, I just want, like, a hot guy right now. Not quite for life, you know."
So basically Kate Hudson is looking for a one-night stand, that's what she says. And then Stern asked the Almost Famous actress if she would like to hook up with Pitt, and Hudson said yes!
"Yes! I think Brad is very, very handsome."
In the same interview with Stern, Kate Hudson opened up about her troubled relationship with father Bill Hudson, according to E! Online. Bill, who is a musician, made headlines last year when he said Kate and her brother Oliver were "dead" to him.

In his interview with the Daily Mail, Kate Hudson's biological father admitted that he had five birth children, but now he considers himself a father of only three.

"I no longer recognize Oliver and Kate as my own... [Oliver] is dead to me now. As is Kate."
Although exact details of their falling up remain a mystery, Kate Hudson still forgives her estranged father despite his rather harsh words.
"So for me, I recognize whatever those issues are is something he has to live with. That must be painful for him and I forgive him."
Both Oliver and Kate Hudson have long considered their mother Goldie Hawn's longtime partner Kurt Russell their only father, and ever since Bill Hudson split from Kate's mom, their relationship with their biological father has taken a turn for the worse.

Kate Hudson also revealed that she is not on speaking terms with Bill and added that she was "a real tough little girl" and that she understood exactly what was going on between her parents.

"I understood what was going on; I did understand that it didn't have to do with me and Oliver."
But she felt a lack of support from her biological father, Bill, while Russell has been very much supportive over the years, so she considers him her sole father figure.
"The trust I got from [Russell] in terms of his dependability was priceless for me."
Kate Hudson also revealed that it was Kurt Russell, star of The Hateful Eight, who taught her a lot about never being a fake and staying true to herself in the showbiz. The mother of two also added that thanks to her mom and Russell's upbringing, she learned "the right way" that competitiveness in this world is not a good thing.
"Kurt was great with that stuff when we were growing up. He is so honest, so brutally honest. I love him so much; he is just a great guy. He is an original. He doesn't buy into things."
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