Proof UFO Visited Earth 250,000 Years Ago: Ancient Hand-Made Aluminium Metal Was Part of The Wreckage of Alien Spacecraft, Researchers Claim [Video]

A mysterious piece of ancient metallic aluminum proves that UFOs visited and landed on Earth 250,000 years ago, UFO researchers have claimed sensationally. According to UFO investigators, a hand-made or manufactured piece of metallic aluminum discovered in Romania must have been part of a UFO wreckage 250,000 years old.

Construction workers recovered the piece of metallic aluminum in 1973 on the shores of the Mures River, near the town of Aiud in central Romania, CEN reports.

Romania was under communist rule at the time.

The construction workers recovered three strange-looking objects from 10 meters (33 feet) under the ground. Because the objects appeared to be very old, archaeologists were called to the site. The archaeologists confirmed that two of the objects were large animal bone fossils and that the third was a piece of hand-made or manufactured metal about 20 centimeters (7.8 inches) long, 12.5 centimeters (4.9 inches) wide and seven centimeters (2.8 inches) thick, according to the Daily Mail.

The experts believed at the time that the piece of metal was a lightweight ax head, that is, an object of artificial origin.

But information about the bizarre discovery was not disclosed to the public at the time due, probably, to the official policy of secrecy prevalent during the era of communist rule in the country.

The existence of the object became public knowledge only very recently.

Following tentative identification of the three strange objects by local archaeologists and historians, they were sent for further analysis in Cluj, in the region of Transylvania in Romania, according to the Mirror.

Laboratory analysis ordered by the Romanian authorities confirmed that the fossil bones belonged to species of large extinct mammals that died 10,000 to 80,000 years ago. Analysis of the third strange-looking lightweight metallic object produced shocking results.

Alien astronaut
Alien astronauts in advanced UFOs visited Earth 250,000 years ago, according to UFO investigators. [Image by Iurii/Shutterstock

The object was found to be a hand-made (manufactured) object made up of 12 parts and composed of 90 percent aluminum. The age was estimated at about 250,000 years.

The laboratory test results were so shocking that further tests were ordered. But subsequent tests conducted at a laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland only confirmed the initial test results that the object was a hand-made metallic aluminum artifact about 250,000 years old.

The dating of the metal at 250,000 years baffled investigators because it was clear that the metal was a hand-made or manufactured object made up of 12 parts. Some of the parts had concave surfaces that appeared to be designed to fit into a larger and more complex mechanical system or gadget.

But humans did not begin to produce metallic aluminum until about 200 years ago.

So, who was responsible for a 250,000-year-old piece of hand-made metallic aluminum?

According to UFO investigators, there is only one logical explanation for the existence of a 250,000-year-old piece of metallic aluminum: It was produced by ancient lien visitors to Earth and may have been part of the wreckage of an ancient alien UFO spacecraft.

According to UFO investigators, the piece of metallic aluminum is proof that aliens visited Earth about 250,000 years ago.

"Lab tests concluded it is an old UFO fragment given that the substances it comprises cannot be combined with the technology available on Earth," Gheorghe Cohal, the Deputy Director of the Romanian UFOlogists Association, said, according to the Daily Mail.

But some historians have rejected the claim that the metallic aluminum was part of an ancient alien UFO. Mihai Wittenberger, a local historian, believes the object was part of a German fighter aircraft from World War II.

According to Wittenberger, the metal was part or a piece of the landing gear of a German Luftwaffe Messerschmitt ME 262.

But UFO investigators pointed out that his explanation did not explain the age of the metallic artifact.

The dating of the object sparked renewed debate among experts recently and tests were ordered once again. The most conservative estimate of the age of the metal was 400 to 80,000 years. But even the conservative estimate of 400 years remains problematic because humans did not begin to manufacture metallic aluminum until 200 years ago.

The mystery of the object persists. And after it went on display recently at the History Museum of Cluj-Napoca, museum officials placed a sign that said, "origin still unknown."

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