LA Clippers: Blake Griffin Is NBA's Top Facilitator, Chris Paul Biggest Sneaker Head

LA Clippers forward Blake Griffin is the NBA's top facilitator and Chris Paul is one of the biggest sneaker enthusiasts in the association, according to separate articles from The Crossover.

Rob Mahoney writes that Griffin is one of the league's most potent offensive players via The Crossover article earlier this week.

Among many reasons listed, Mahoney describes Griffin as a player who can run the offense in Paul's absence as he creates for other teammates. Further, he argues that Griffin is a natural thoroughfare for building the momentum from one action to the next.

Here is a great example from a recent preseason game.

The video shows Griffin leading the break before finding an open shooter.

Added, Griffin positions himself to attack off pick-and-rolls. The Clippers forward also finds open men like JJ Reddick and Jamal Crawford or three-pointers. He also looks for an open DeAndre Jordan on alley-oops thanks to Jordan's defender helping on Griffin, according to The Crossover. Mahoney also cites that Griffin's 7.5 true turnover percent is stunning for a player his size.

LA Clippers Blake Griffin
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The 6-foot-7 forward is already known for his highlight plays. Plus, he is only getting better. At 27-years-old, Griffin's career averages include 21.5 points, 9.6 rebounds, and 4.0 assists.

LA's five-time All-Star recently said he learned a lot from the 2015-16 season. Last season, he missed 41 games due to a leg injury, got into a fight with a staff member that resulted in a four-game suspension, and exited the playoffs early with the same injury.

"You try to learn something from every situation you're in," Blake Griffin said via "The good, the bad. I definitely learned from it."

Griffin added that every season changes him, and he does need extra motivation.

Still, his LA Clippers teammates and coaches are noticing a more determined Griffin.

"I just think when you miss like that you really appreciate your teammates; you appreciate the game." Clippers point guard Austin Rivers in the NBA article.

Clippers teammate Paul Pierce also agreed via the same article. He said there is no question that the whole team appreciates the game, collectively.

Check out Griffin's new work ethic displayed in the video below.

Griffin's increased ball-handling could help him continue growth as a facilitator.

In other Clippers news, The Crossover sat down with Chris Paul in an interview about sneakers.

Paul recently released his tenth Jordan sneaker, a number that only Carmelo Anthony has reached, according to The Crossover.

The Clippers point guard talked about being involved in the entire process of his show design. Paul said he puts little mementos into his shoes that pay homage to the family. His first shoes featured tributes for his Grandpa.

He also considers consumers' possibilities to customize the shoe via Nike I.D. He said his chef and parents design their own shoe on Nike I.D.

Further, Paul reminisced about not being able to afford Jordans as a kid, because he did not have a job. He talked about his current role as a parent which makes him appreciate seeing kids with his shoe.

"I think about that entire process so when I do see a kid with my shoe on or something like that I still get excited just like it was my first shoe," Paul said in The Crossover.

The LA guard credited the (Jordan) "16's," "17's," and "13's" as some of the shoes that started his sneaker passion. Now, Paul also has some famous "3's" signed by Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant from the last All-Star Game.

Between Griffin's development and Paul's Sneakers, the LA Clippers are certainly gaining headlines before next week's season opener.

The LA Clippers play their first game of the 2016-17 season on Oct. 27. They travel to Portland for a game versus the Trail Blazers at 7:30 p.m. PST.

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