'Pokemon GO' Closer To Releasing Legendary Characters And You May Not Be Able To 'Catch 'em All'

Pokemon GO continues to break records on app stores for both iOS and Android. According to Venture Beat, GO just became the fastest app to reach the $600 million mark, and it made it two and a half times faster than the second place Candy Crush Saga. Now that it is available on all continents, there seems to be just the question of the remaining legendary characters left, and plenty of sites are speculating.

[Image by App Annie]
[Image by App Annie]

Two weeks ago, Pokemon GO rolled out in 31 countries. Africa was the last continent to receive the mega hit game, and according to several, Ditto was released as the continent-specific Pokemon to that region. This would make sense considering Ditto has never been a major Pokemon in any incarnation of previous games.

With Ditto presumably out of the way, the final five Pokemon left to be seen are Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew, and the infamous Mewtwo. Data miners are claiming to know the ins and outs of these including catch rate and critical hit statistics which would go a long way in determining the chances a player has to catch one of these highly sought after characters.

Gamepress which bases its findings on some 30,000 scenarios seems to corroborate what many have assumed when it comes to catching the legendary characters. All five in question have a catch rate of zero. Now, before fans get up in arms, it would be very difficult to judge a catch rate when in fact one has never been caught. Many feel this number dictates that a special event will determine when and where a player will be able to make an attempt at a catch.

Another factor in determining a player's ability to catch a Pokemon is the combat power. Both Gamepress and Ranked Boost have come to the conclusion that the combat power for these legendary Pokemon tip the charts higher than the other 146 available. While Articuno is the lowest at 2978, Mewtwo comes in at a whopping 4145. So, why would players need to know this in a catching scenario? Don't you just throw a ball?

Looking back on the advertisements leading up to the Pokemon GO release, the trailer had players filing into New York City's Time Square in an attempt to catch the elusive Mewtwo. Many including Ranked Boost feel that the legendary Pokemon will need to be caught in a major event that an entire group of players would participate in. A countdown clock is shown in the trailer. It should be noted that when battling a gym a time limit is placed on the battle.

[Image by The Pokemon Company International]
[Image by The Pokemon Company International]

Ranked Boost also mentions a scenario with other legendary Pokemon that would end with no one player being able to catch all of the Pokemon in the Pokedex. The theory states that the three Pokemon teams Mystic, Instinct, and Valor, would only be able to catch their respective mascots. For instance, Team Instinct players would only have the opportunity to catch Zapdos.

Furthermore, the only way to make the catch would be to have the Master Ball. As a player levels up, Pokemon get harder to catch because the player faces progressively stronger Pokemon. To combat this, better Pokeballs are awarded, the Great Ball at level 12 and the Ultra Ball at level 20. The Master Ball allows the player to catch any Pokemon regardless of statistics. It was rumored that the Master Ball existed in the beta version of Pokemon GO.

Niantic has yet to acknowledge when the legendary five will be made available. Therefore, all of these theories are nothing more than just guesses. However, if the recent sighting of a Lapras in Japan is any indication of what fans have to look forward to, Pokemon GO still has some crazy days ahead of it.

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]