David Letterman’s ‘Top Ten’ Humorously Examines Paul Ryan’s Workout Photos [Video]

Paul Ryan isn’t only in the headlines over his performance during the vice presidential debate last night. David Letterman took a moment to tease the GOP candidate by mocking a handful of his workout photos.

Paul Ryan has been the subject of recent media interest following Mitt Romney’s announcement that the young Wisconsin pol would be serving as his running mate for his 2012 bid for the White House. Ryan is probably better known for his squeaky-clean image more than his politics, and it is a well documented fact that the rep is a fitness fanatic, being particularly fond of the P90x series of workout videos.

Though the GOP ticket has largely denied invitations to appear on David Letterman’s Late Show the presidential-ticket candidates often find themselves lampooned in his various skits and segments, the latest of which poked fun at Ryan’s penchant for exercise (or rather, his penchant for taking pictures of himself exercising).

On Thursday night’s “Top Ten,” Letterman used several matted photos that appeared in Time magazine of Ryan in workout gear. Letterman dropped the word “bro” several times during the segment, mocking the VP hopeful and comparing him to politicians past. “Honest to God, ladies and gentlemen. Take a look at Hamilton or Jefferson or Washington. You don’t see them pulling crap like this!”

Of course, Letterman has never made a habit of hiding his disdain. Still, that’s no reason for the rest of us not to laugh.

Here’s the video of David Letterman’s Late Show segment in which he takes workout-themed pot-shots at Paul Ryan: