June 27, 2017
Log In To 'GTA Online' For A Few Free Cosmetics, Select Vehicles Also On Sale Now

There are only a few days left to unlock free t-shirts in GTA Online. Players need to simply log in to the online mode of Grand Theft Auto V to ensure that their characters receive two unique cosmetic tops. The login offer ends on June 29, and the shirts will be unobtainable after that date. Players that log in before that date will receive the Black Hawk & Little Tee and the Blue and Red Class of '98 Tee for free.

Of course, there is also a sale and a couple of races ready for GTA Online players this week. Sales on two vehicles, body armor, vehicle armor, and bullet-proof tires are available right now. Players can pick up these combat options for 25 percent less than normal. The Valkyrie helicopter and the Coil Brawler off-road vehicle are also discounted until June 29 according to the official site.

Starting on June 27, a new Premium Race and Time Trial will be available. The "Spinner" Super Premium Race and the "Fort Zancudo" Time Trial are opportunities for players to earn extra cash in GTA Online. The top three winners of a Premium Race earn major cash with all participants of the race earning triple RP for the activity. Beating the par time on a Time Trial is worth a sizable payout as well.

GTA Online Black Hawk & Little Tee and the Blue and Red Class of '98 Tee
Premium Races and Time Trials are available each week for extra cash and RP [Image by Rockstar Games]

The activities and sales are light this week in GTA Online after the release of the Gunrunning update. The latest free update to the online playground added bunkers, Mobile Operations Centers, and up-gradable weapons. Organization heads can get started by buying a bunker. As noted in the patch notes for the update, several new missions are available for bunker owners.

A new playlist for Adversary Modes is also now available inside Grand Theft Auto Online. These activities are intended for those looking for more competitive action. The playlist can be started by visiting one of three Bunker Series icons located with the game.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, these missions are accessed from a Mobile Operations Center. This new feature can be purchased after a player owns a bunker. The most affordable option for both a bunker and a Mobile Operations Center will set a player back over $2.3 million. Even more cash is required to unlock new Weaponized Vehicles.

Log in to GTA Online for free items
Weaponized Vehicles are powerful options in the multiplayer mode [Image by Rockstar Games]

CEOs, Biker presidents, and VIPs can buy a bunker to start unlocking the new features of Gunrunning. In fact, the cost to become a VIP is now much cheaper than before. GTA Online players can spend just $50,000 to turn on a temporary VIP status rather than $1 million as previously required.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]