Ryan Reynolds Had The Perfect Response To 'Logan' Trailer

We've now all had most of the day to appreciate and devour the first trailer for Logan, the third and probably final Wolverine film that will star Hugh Jackman.

There were so many bits to adore. Jackman's version of Old Man Logan, thanthe ailing Professor X, and the tease of the R-rated action for Logan were just some of the highlights. And clearly someone who was impressed by the first Logan trailer was Ryan Reynolds, who previously appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Deadpool.

Reynolds' performance as Deadpool in the origin story for the superhero earlier this year was deemed far superior to his debut outing back in 2009, and with good reason, too, as it embraced the loveable rogue's most charismatic qualities in a way that his first appearance never managed.

But despite his problems with Deadpool's debut in X-Men: Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds is clearly rather excited about Logan. And he took to Twitter to share his ecstatic reaction to Logan's trailer, and at the same time as sharing the clip he also wrote.

Logan is the third solo adventure for Wolverine, and Hugh Jackman has heavily suggested that he will be leaving the role after making nine appearances as the superhero over the course of the X-Men franchise.

Once again directed by James Mangold, who previously oversaw Walk The Line and The Wolverine, Logan is set in 2024, and revolves around Wolverine and Professor Charles Xavier struggling to cope with the loss of the X-Men, who have been ravaged by and destroyed by Transigen, a project led by Nathaniel Essex.

Adding to their troubles is the fact that Logan's accelerated healing abilities are beginning to wane, while Professor X's own memory is being ravaged by Alzheimer's, too. But their efforts to try and defeat Transigen are accelerated when Logan and Professor X meet Laura Kinney, otherwise known as X-23, a young mutant that's the female clone of Wolverine who was created from his DNA. Alongside X-23, Logan and Professor X take on the might of Transigen, which includes the Readers, who are led by Boyd Holbrook's Donald Pierce.

Logan is actually set to be heavily inspired by Deadpool, too. Because of the inspirational marketing campaign that was led by Ryan Reynolds, as well as various other members of Deadpool's creative team, Deadpool went on to gross $782.6 million around the world. This means that it's now the highest grossing installment to the X-Men franchise, with many suggesting that one of the reasons it reached this sum was because of its R-rating, which helped to set it apart from the other superhero movies that are repeatedly released into cinemas.

This approach, and the huge gross of Deadpool, especially on the back of its paltry $60 million budget, led to Logan being given an R-rating, which its red band trailer teased will see the film include several gory and violent scenes. This will please Wolverine fans exponentially, especially since a berserker scene featuring Logan has already been teased.

But the ultimate dream for X-Men fans is that we are now getting closer and closer to Wolverine and Deadpool crossing over into the same movie once again, but this time done so in a way that's more honest to the comics.

Despite Jackman's previous insistence that this will be his last outing as Wolverine, there's every chance that he will be tempted to have one last go at portraying the mutant in a Deadpool crossover. Reynolds is also currently working on Deadpool 2, which is set for a January 2018 release.

It's still way too early to know if Deadpool and Wolverine will cross over again. But there's always hope. We'll find out more when Logan is finally released on March 3, 2017.

[Image via 20th Century Fox]