Kristen Stewart And Alicia Cargile Are Over As ‘Twilight’ Star And St. Vincent Take Over News, Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Care About Ex Girlfriend

Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile have not had a blowout breakup, but according to news, it’s clear that their relationship is over. Twilight actress has been seen looking quite lovey-dovey with St. Vincent, who also recently got out of a relationship with model Cara Delevingne. While it may have been hasty for Kristen and St. Vincent to jump into a public relationship this quickly, it looks like this is making them very happy!

Not only were they seen walking hand-in-hand with each other in New York, but they also have been caught kissing on their date!

“Kristen, 26, and St. Vincent, AKA Annie Clark, 34, are heating up FAST,” reports Hollywood Life. “The rumored lovebirds were spotted on an adorable date night in NYC, and we can’t get enough of these two! Kristen had apparently just come from a screening of crime drama, American Pastoral before meeting up with her gal pal. This date night comes right after Kristen and St. were caught kissing and holding hands on a PDA-filled date night, Oct. 16. The rumored couple shared a sweet kiss across the table of their romantic outing.”

Looks like Alicia Cargile is not on Twilight actress’ mind anymore!

When the 30-year-old singer and 26-year-old actress was spotted together, there has been rumors that they are cautious about the way they proceed as they both got out of pretty serious relationships recently. St. Vincent used to date Cara Delevingne, who, earlier this summer, declared that she was totally in love with her girlfriend, who changed her life.

“I’m completely in love… Before, I didn’t know what love was – real love,” Cara said to British Vogue. “I didn’t understand the depth of it. I always used to think it was you against the world. Now I know the meaning of life is love. Whether that’s for yourself or for the world or your partner.”

It must be a little awkward for the 24-year-old model to look back on the comments she made this summer!

The funny thing is that Kristen Stewart’s relationship with Alicia Cargile somewhat mimics St. Vincent’s with Cara Delevingne. Alicia started out as Kristen’s personal assistant before getting romantically involved with her boss. Then they broke up for a little bit (during which Kristen dated French singer-actress SoKo), but got back together right before Cannes Film Festival this summer.

After the French festival, Kristen and Alicia were seen chilling with each other on the west coast, appearing casually together, going to visit the actress’ father and having some quality time together.

During interviews, which Kristen promoted her new movies, Personal Assistant and Cafe Society, the actress also confessed how her relationship with Alicia Cargile has changed her life.

“When I was dating a guy I was hiding everything that I did because everything personal felt like it was immediately trivialized, so I didn’t like it,” she told Elle UK.

“But then it changed when I started dating a girl,” she added. “I was like, ‘Actually, to hide this provides the implication that I’m not down with it or I’m ashamed of it, so I had to alter how I approached being in public. It opened my life up and I’m so much happier.”

But now it looks like those things are behind her as she pursues St. Vincent!

While nobody knows for sure what is going on in these Hollywood figure’s minds, some insiders have commented what it may be like.

“It really is a love triangle in the classic sense,” a source said according to Hollywood Life. “Annie is torn between Kristen and Cara, but her focus is on Kristen right now. Kristen is proceeding cautiously because she knows she could get hurt.”

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