Justin Bieber’s Laptop Theft Not A Hoax

There seems to be some confusion over the legitimacy of Justin Bieber’s claims that his laptop was stolen. The laptop in question that is claimed to be stolen after a concert in Tacoma last week, was reported as a hoax by many news outlets when Bieber himself released “personal footage” from his laptop.

The personal footage would turn out to be a video from his new song Beauty And The Beat F/ Nicki Minaj. This big reveal had fans tipped off that maybe the singer’s claims weren’t true and that the whole theft over his laptop was a big hoax. However, apparently Bieber’s laptop was indeed stolen.

According to Seattle Weekly, Bieber’s manager Josh Williams fired back at the claims of the hoax, and classified the timing of Bieber’s released video and the theft claim as “making lemonade out of lemons.” Apparently, the reason why no police report could be found is because the report was filed under Williams’ name and not Justin’s.

The Tacoma Police, which have been involved in the theft case have commented on the matter. A spokesperson for the police, Mark Fulghum, confirmed that the report was filed online using Josh Williams’ name after 9 PM on October 10.

Of the whole theft incident after the Seattle show, Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun said, “We had an incredible experience at that show in Tacoma. One of our dancers grew up in Tacoma. We’ve only heard good things, and had a great experience there and in Seattle. And we plan on coming back there.”

What do you think of the whole Justin Bieber theft situation?