Horror Movie ‘Scare Campaign’ Delves Into What Happens When The Wrong Person Is Pranked, A Timely Reminder For Those Into Clown Pranking

With all of the creepy clown sightings and pranks going on of late, Scare Campaign is a timely reminder you need to be very careful of who you prank. While no clowns are included in this new Australian horror movie, Scare Campaign reminds us of how pranks can go so horribly wrong.

The official synopsis for Scare Campaign is below.

“The crew of a reality TV prank show facing dwindling ratings decides to up the ante by setting up a terrifying prank in an abandoned asylum. Things go horribly wrong when they prank the wrong guy. Brothers Colin and Cameron Cairnes (100 Bloody Acres) deliver a night of blood soaked terror full of twists and turns that will satisfy any gore hound.”

Along with the synopsis, you can view a brand new teaser for Scare Campaign below.

The clip for Scare Campaign begins with Rohan (Josh Quong Tart) inside a deserted and dilapidated room. A rocking horse is the only thing moving in the room besides Rohan, so it is likely that noise is what has brought him there. Sheets cover mannequins and there is a rack of clothing along a wall. The scene cuts to what appears to be a handheld camera, and it is revealed someone is hiding behind the rack of clothing filming everything.

Behind the scenes of Scare Campaign, Marcus (Ian Meadows) is instructing how to scare Rohan. At first, he moans out Rohan’s name into the microphone, alerting Rohan to a noise outside of the room. Going to check it out, it becomes apparent why Marcus wants Rohan out of the room. One of the sheets drops off a mannequin, and it is revealed to be a woman in a costume. Her make-up and outfit place likely her as a former patient in the asylum. As she sneaks up on Rohan, another actor behind the scenes realizes something is not right. She wants the prank called off. However, it is too late, Rohan turns when the patient screams behind him. He retaliates by stabbing her several times.

As Scare Campaign warns, this is what happens when you prank the wrong guy.

Scare Campaign is an Aussie horror movie from Studio71, the digital entertainment company and multi-channel network of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group. Also involved is YouTube pranking sensation Matteo Moroni (aka DM Pranks).

'Scare Campaign' promotional still

Cameron Cairnes issued the following statement in the press release about his movie.

Scare Campaign really evolved from us watching YouTube clips –stuff where elaborate pranks get a bit out of hand, where people are really put under duress. There’ s a funny one from Mexico that did the rounds a few years back. People enter a lift, the lift breaks down, and then suddenly this ghost girl appears behind them, screaming. People were genuinely freaking out at the sight of this girl! So our idea was ‘what if one of those people, those victims, turned on this girl and the people behind the prank? What if they pranked the wrong guy?’”

Scare Campaign is written and directed by brothers Colin and Cameron Cairnes, the team who also brought you the critically acclaimed 100 Bloody Acres.

Scare Campaign stars Meegan Warner (Turn: Washington’s Spies, The Veil), Ian Meadows (The Pacific), Olivia DeJonge (M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit), and Josh Quong Tart (Home And Away).

Studio 71's 'Scare Campaign'

Studio71 will be releasing Scare Campaign on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play on October 24, 2016. You can pre-order you copy via iTunes here.

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The U.S. digital premiere of the Australian horror thriller Scare Campaign will be available on Monday, October 24, 2016.

[Featured Image by Studio71]