‘Logan’ Wolverine 3 Trailer Dropped With Potential Spoilers: Looks Like We’re Getting ‘Old Man Logan’ After All, Along With Professor X, The Reavers And Mister Sinister

The new Logan Wolverine 3 trailer dropped, blowing away all of our expectations for Hugh Jackman’s last outing as everyone’s favorite X-Men character, Wolverine. Recent set images had suggested that Wolverine 3 wouldn’t actually take place in an Old Man Logan apocalyptic world – which many people were hoping for. But it looks like we just might be getting that version of Wolverine in this movie after all.

From the very first shots in this surprisingly long trailer, we quickly realize that Logan/Wolverine doesn’t heal super fast anymore. At one point, Logan removes his bloody shirt to reveal a mass of scars across his back. Of course, the pre-Old Man Logan Wolverine would have healed up immediately and completely.

As noted by NBC, the choice of the Johnny Cash cover of “Hurt” in the Logan Wolverine 3 trailer was a stroke of genius on someone’s part. Whether this song will actually show up in the film or not is unclear. But we can certainly hope so, since it was absolutely perfect for the atmosphere and the tone the director seems to be going for in Logan.

Hugh Jackman as Logan in Logan Wolverine 3 trailer.

In this new Logan Wolverine 3 trailer, Wolverine in a voiceover speaks to the professor, apparently reminding him that the mutants are all gone. What this means is open to speculation. It could be that like Wolverine, all the mutants have lost their powers, or it could be that all the others are just dead.

The funeral scene with Logan would seem to suggest the latter option. But this could just be a red herring in the trailer to throw us off so we don’t guess the plot. Trailers do that a lot.

Professor X himself – played once again by a returning Patrick Stewart – looks like he’s at death’s door and possibly suffering from Alzheimer’s. We first see him in what looks like a hospital bed set up in the middle of a shadow-filled domed hanger. Or maybe what’s left of the Cerebro room. Yes, things look pretty grim for the mutant cause in the Logan trailer.

The young girl in this new Logan Wolverine 3 trailer is almost certainly X-23, a female version of Wolverine based on Logan’s own DNA. At least, that’s her origin story in the comics. Of course, comic book-based films don’t always stick to comic book canon. But it does seem like where they’re going in Logan, since the professor suggests to Logan that she is “very much like you.”

Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman in Logan Wolverine 3 trailer.

One of the most exciting things about this third and possibly final Wolverine film – at least featuring Hugh Jackman as Logan – is that the big bad is apparently Nathaniel Essex – a.k.a. Mister Sinister. Mister Sinister is one of the X-Men major super villains, ranking only slightly below Apocalypse. In fact, in the comics, it was Apocalypse who created Sinister in the 19th century.

Sinister specializes in — amongst other things — genetic manipulation. In the Logan Wolverine 3 trailer, it can be presumed that the Reavers are working for Sinister to track down any remaining or new Mutants, although this is just speculation.

Fortunately, even though he doesn’t have his healing factor anymore, Logan does still possess his adamantium claws and skeleton. He uses them to bloody effect throughout the trailer. In fact, the red band version of the Logan trailer is even more graphic, making it clear that this will be an R-rated film. We already knew that, but it’s nice to see confirmation.

This Logan Wolverine 3 trailer could easily be the best trailer of the year, for any genre of movie. If the film can just fulfill the promise of this awesome trailer, it could be the best X-Men movie ever made – maybe even surpassing Deadpool.

[Featured Image by 20th Century Fox]