Black Friday 2016: The PS4 Slim Will Start At $249.99 At eBay On Black Friday — What About The Xbox One S?

Black Friday 2016 will take place on Friday, November 25, and there is expected to be an assortment of deals for gamers. New for 2016, the Sony PS4 Slim, the Sony PS4 Pro, and the Microsoft Xbox One S are the most highly anticipated video game consoles of the year, and there is finally an official price confirmation for one of them.

A representative from eBay recently told that they will be selling the new Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Bundle with Uncharted 4 Game for $50 off on Black Friday. Since this particular bundle retails for $299.99, it will be available on Black Friday — and probably Thanksgiving, too — for only $249.99

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Will Other Retailers Match the $249.99 Price for the PS4 Slim?


As recently reported by the Inquisitr, all evidence pointed to the PS4 Slim being available for $50 off on Black Friday this year. Released on September 15, the PS4 Slim is still a very new console. Discounts are often lacking for such new devices, but the PS4 Slim does not have any hardware upgrades from the original PS4. It is simply a small, thinner, and lighter version of the original.

In addition to being smaller, it also comes with a retail price of only $299.99. On Black Friday last year, the original PS4 still retailed at $349.99. Most stores discounted it to $299.99, so the $50 savings is back for 2016. Since it is still only October, eBay’s announcement is really just the first confirmation of what was already fairly obvious — there will be a tremendous amount of deals on the PS4 Slim this year.

Most stores will use the $249.99 price point as a baseline for their packages this year. Stores always get exotic with their gaming bundles, and there is a possibility to receive additional games and accessories with select PS4 Slim bundle. Some stores will even include gift cards and store dollars with their deals.

For example, Meijer offered $50 in-store credit when purchasing PS4 bundles last year. With the savings of $50, this came out to a net discount of $100 for the bundle. Kohl’s had a similar offer, as they offered $75 in Kohl’s cash when buying PS4 bundles for $299.99. Stores should take a similar approach this year, and you should always look for gift cards and store credit deals if everything else is equal.

The PS4 Pro has a release date scheduled for November 10, so it is difficult to predict potential sales. To be safe, expect to see mostly gift card offers.

Will the Xbox One S Also Sell for $249.99?


Based on last year, it is likely the 500 GB Xbox One S will also sell for $249.99. With a retail price of $299.99, it is very similar to the PS4 Slim. Most original Xbox One bundles started at $299.99 last year, which was a discount of $50 at the time, so it is likely the trend continues for 2016.

In addition to the 500 GB Xbox One S, you also have the option to purchase the 1 TB Xbox One S and the 2 TB Xbox One S. Both models have larger hard drives, and they retail for $349.99 and $399.99, respectively. Additionally, both consoles have already seen sales, so the odds of further discounts on Black Friday are very strong.

Like the PS4 Slim, stores will also get creative with Xbox One S deals. Gift cards and store dollars will be abundant, and you should take a look at all of the available options before making any final decisions.

The major Black Friday ads have not been released yet, but they should be out by the middle of November. If last year is any indication, most online gaming deals should go live on Thanksgiving at 12 a.m., with some starting the Wednesday before.

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